There’s a way in which life just likes its various pieces and parts to come into relationship with each other. By way of the increased connection between the parts they become more connected to the whole, and in this way the parts become more whole themselves.

As human beings we are one of the parts of life, and our bodies and lives and consciousness are embedded in and inseparable from this flow toward greater wholeness-we can’t avoid it. The mechanism behind this is entrainment and the principles apply on every level of our existence. So I like to call this force that drives us towards our wholeness, the Universal Principles of Entrainment.

From a certain perspective the problems we face in our bodies and lives have a lot to do with the unconscious, conditioned resistance to the flow of life, like we’re stubbornly standing still in the strong current of a river, or in some cases, trying to walk upstream. It requires an enormous amount of energy and resources to keep ourselves separate from the flow of life; energy and resources we don’t get to use for recovering from injuries, adapting to stress and our environment, healing, loving and serving our fellow humans.

In the same way that a river would put pressure on your body if you were standing in it, urging you to go downstream, so life’s trials and tribulations and the symptoms we are experiencing put pressure on us to turn and go WITH the flow of life. From this perspective, nothing is a mistake or a coincidence, not the experiences we’ve had in our lives, not the accidents and the injuries, not the pain or disease, not the symptoms we’re experiencing now. They all serve a purpose, that of us guiding us toward our wholeness. In the words of Tony Robbins: “Life is not happening to you, it’s happening for you.”

If we’re able to look at life through this lens, then the only thing that makes sense is to trust our experience, uncomfortable or otherwise, and trust that life is trying to show us something through our experience. And since all of our experiences are translated to us through our bodies, and especially through the sensations in our bodies, it’s essential, if we want to move towards greater wholeness, that we turn toward those sensations and learn to allow them to be felt and experienced.

When we bring our attention to our experience in this way, we become anchored in the present moment. The resistance I spoke of earlier lives in our body-mind, in its addiction to past traumas or future fears. The resistance can’t survive in the present moment, so when we’re anchored in the present moment, the conditioned, habitual resistance to the flow of life starts to lose its grip on our bodies and lives. When the resistance softens, we’re able to allow the river of life to sweep us in the direction of our wholeness.

If you make a regular practice of bringing your attention to your body, over time your experience will prove to you that life’s trials and tribulations and the symptoms you may be experiencing now are not a mistake, they’re a doorway to your wholeness, and ultimately Life is trying to show you that it is holding you.


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