Generations lived with the grassy landscape outdoors! Maybe the grass and the flower beds held out for decades at your home too and brought great family happiness, but change is the law of life. They need not vanish completely though, but remain restricted to the periphery of the planned hardscape. Imagine the advantages with the hardscaping with water being saved and a happy goodbye to overgrown weeds every weekend! The lawn service guys won’t be required and it is a smart new look that has plenty of choices and budgets. Get used to the new idea and look around to see plenty of this new approach, being so much easier to maintain and weather resistant absolutely.

What do you fancy to put in there? Pebbles would remind of the rustic waterside, slate or quartzite, travertine or granite in a range of pleasing and hardy shades? Would it be shades of gray, white and black or something a little more colorful? Going for a variety of choices would enable patterns like borders if it is a large enough space out there. Let it be intimately small too. The outdoors is the new lifestyle as if we are returning to the Stone Age. Enjoy the parties and relaxed sessions out there with family and friends.

Multicolored polished pebbles, black available too

What would you put in the vacant spaces between the pavers? Instead of sand that would lead to grass or plants, pebbles have advantages. You need not mow the grass or battle with weeds. Shining pebbles do create a fairy tale element like the beach scenario. That courtyard, patio or path would shine with substance.

Convenient porcelain pavers

Easy to install and very durable to withstand changing weather patterns, porcelain in several shapes and sizes would do the trick. Designs imitate natural stone like the gray and beige amidst whites. Get them glazed and matte in 13×24 and 24×24.

Quartzite pavers in gray

Arrange them in random patterns with several shapes and sizes. They look graceful indeed with whites and golds amidst the grays. Natural cut quartzite flagstone pavers would earn a lot of praise. Set up a smart patio instead of the lawn and spend gala evenings there.

Travertine mocha paver wonders

These have delicate designs on pale beige, a truly elevating tiled surface. Get them in 6×12 and 6×6.

French Design Pavers

You get all four sizes pre-packed according to the same color pattern. It remains cool at the height of summer.

Lawns now recede. The hardscape is going to be fun and functional and late nights beckon under the moon and the stars. Begin the journey and keep it smooth sailing.

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