If you remember watching the Olympics you may have heard about this or that athlete’s personal trainer. Many of the athletes have had a personal trainer from a very young age. The trainer helped shape the talent and bring out the best in each one.

Skills: That is one example of why a specialist is needed; skills. Other sports have similar needs. It’s fun to toss the football back and forth… if you can catch it (I can’t). It’s another thing to learn the strategies needed to play the game and train the eyes and muscles to work together.

Avoid Getting Hurt: One of the first things many coaches teach their charges is how to fall. It’s a given, especially in contact sports. However, there are ways of limiting how much you get hurt if you know what to do during the fall. That can be life saving in some sports.

There is another side to that. We parents can get hurt if we try to teach something we are only vaguely familiar with. This is especially true if we aren’t in top shape when we try to teach. A trainer could save us some serious injuries.

Mentor Factor: A personal trainer can provide a mentor type role for a child. This may be critical during the teen years. It’s natural for children to move away from parental advice and it can get to the point of rebellion. Someone outside the family that has bonded can be a positive influence, preventing the young person from doing something that would be dangerous.

This is also true in preventing childhood obesity. Mom may say to eat a healthy lunch. That may go in one ear and out the other. However, if the trainer tells the athlete what to eat it will be listened to.

Personal trainers may be expensive. It may seem not to matter. In many cases coaches at school can do the job. However, if a child is talented or in need of motivation to get moving a personal trainer could be the answer.

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