Whereas education is very important in life and is the right of every child, a good number of children, especially in developing countries do not enjoy this very important right. Poverty is the major cause for such situations. Parents are not able to pay fees for education and even when they do the children attend schools that lack in resources. Apart from lacking the learning tools, most schools set in poor localities lack enough teachers to handle the children attending them.

English is one of the languages children should learn and it is actually the major language used to teach in most schools. But with the failure to get a good education or even have teachers to teach them, children from poor backgrounds may never really learn the language or even learn the proper English for that matter. But thanks to charitable organizations reaching out to developing countries, a good number of the children can finally learn the language through distance learning. The fact that they are taught by professional or native English speakers, the children become fluent in reading, speaking and writing.

But why is it important to teach English as a second language to children from developing countries and poor backgrounds for that matter?

1. English is the global language. It may have spread across the globe in very bad circumstances like slavery in some cases, but we cannot deny that it spoken everywhere. By learning the language, therefore the children become part of the world since they can comprehend everything presented in the language.

2. It opens up more job opportunities for them. With the language, it would be very hard for the children to finally grow up into good job positions. The truth is that most jobs require that you are fluent in spoken and written English. This is not only for formal jobs or high profile jobs, but even the odd ones depending on who your employer is.

3. Travelling is made easy for them. This is in the sense that once grown the children may have a need to spread their wings and try their luck in a different setup. With English as a second language, they will definitely have an easier time communicating and relating with other people from all walks of like wherever they go. The fact is that even in places where English is not the main language most people will still understand it hence communication is made easy.

4. English gives a chance for better educated. Children from developing countries may lack good schools and teachers, but with English language, learning on their own is actually made possible. Considering that lots of literature is available offline and online in English, they can become better educated if dedicated enough. They can learn anything they want, find answers and even join platforms to expand brain power.

5. The language improves their confidence. They need not struggle or get embarrassed when addressed in English since they can understand and respond in the right way.

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