The Koi fish is an ornamental fish that has been domesticated from the common carp. They are usually kept outdoors and serve as decoration to many gardens. It’s fairly common to see koi ponds in Japan, although the history shows that they originally come from China. One of the things that distinguish them is the wide variety of colors they can have – from red to blue, black to white, and even gold or pink – as well as some type of scales and patterns.

For Japanese people, koi are like a lucky charm. They believe the koi represents love, luck, wealth, a successful career and prosperity. Each Japanese Koi is usually linked to a different symbol: a blue koi is meant for serenity; the gold koi brings wealth; the blue, red and gray koi bring positivity; the metallic koi brings business success. It’s not uncommon to see in Japan some Japanese koi being passed down from generation to generation, as a family tradition.

Besides its beauty, the koi has a very distinct characteristic: it can be domesticated like a dog or a cat. If done well, they will recognize the people who feed them and they will eat from his or her hand.

Koi fish are very resilient. They usually live between 25 and 30 years but if you are able to keep them under good conditions, they can live more than 100 years.

There are many varieties of koi, but there is one that is becoming more popular in Europe and in North America: the Butterfly Koi, also known as Dragon koi. They are usually preferred by many keepers because they are seen as superior to the traditional koi. Butterfly koi have longer fins, pompom nostrils and long barbells so you won’t have any difficulty noticing them.

If you’re looking to have a koi pond, there are some things you need to be aware off. Koi ponds are ponds used for holding koi, usually as part of a landscape. But there’s a lot of aspects you need to take into account when building a koi pond. Koi are very beautiful but they are very fragile at the same time. They can live long years if you take special care. And part of this care is done by building the right pond, suited to their needs, so they can grow beautifully and live many years.

When building a koi pond, you need to take into account more than its aesthetics. There are some rules when you choose the equipment to build the pond, so you can maintain a healthy environment. Some key aspects differ between building a regular pond and building a koi pond:

– One of the difficulties when building a koi pond is the quantity of oxygen that needs to be maintained in the water. Only with the proper oxygen percentage they can live longer and reproduce without any problems. Since cold water will have more dissolved oxygen than warm water, you need to keep a closer eye during Summer months.

– And still while on the Summer months, koi are very sensitive to the sun, and can easily get a sunburn. Make sure you have some shadows ready for them on your pond.

– Koi release ammonia in the water. If you intend to have a large number of koi in the same pond, the level of ammonia can increase rapidly and they can be poisoned. So, you need to have biological filtration and regular water changes.

– Plants play a huge role on any koi pond since they can have a positive effect on the water quality. So, make sure you choose them not only based on the aesthetics as well as on the quality they can bring to your koi.

– You need some equipment to make the pond healthy to your koi. You need to look for pond pumps, filters, skimmers and lighting and make sure all the equipment lines up with the koi needs.


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