Going on a Peru adventure tour is a great way to explore and learn about the culture and diversity of the area. A great tour will allow trekkers to experience all the splendor and adventure of the region while avoiding crowds.

Adventure travel as an industry is becoming increasingly prominent in South America, and Peru is one of the best destinations to explore spectacular archaeological sites and experience the cultural traditions, history and landscape of the country.

There are many different ways to explore Peru for people of all different physical capabilities. There are bus tours for those whose health does not allow them to walk, hike, bike, or raft. However, choosing a biking, rafting, or hiking tour will give visitors a first-hand look at life as an Incan and the beauty of Peru is appreciated more.

Some of the most spectacular and breathtaking high altitude landscapes are found on Peru biking tours. Biking in Cusco will guarantee views along routes that are chosen for their amazing beauty. Bikers will see Inca ruins, national parks, valleys, and Andes Mountains. The Peru biking tour is ideal for regular cyclers. Most tours have van support for those who need rest.

There are two exceptional biking tours in Peru. The first is the Moras Moary one day tour. It follows an historic route through the mysterious Inca ruins and traverses a 600 year old salt mine that is still in use. The tour has a variety of terrain including challenging mountain passes, narrow canyons, flat stretches, and long twisty descents on rural Andean country roads.

The second is the Lares three day bike tour. This is an exciting 11,150 foot descent from the Andes down to the rain forest. Bikers can go through one of the most breathtaking scenic tours for biking in Cusco. Travelers will experience different climatic zones passing Andean towns, small rivers, and relax at the hot spring lake of Lares.

There are many beautiful rivers in Peru that travelers can explore while rafting. Rivers include the Apurimac River, Urubamba river, Rain Forest Urubamba river, and the Tambopata River. No matter which river trip travelers choose, the will experience breathtaking scenery, delicious meals, and thousands of stars.

A river rafting tour is completely free of distractions. Floating down rivers with complete serenity is an experience that should not be missed. Peru’s natural wonders along the river are incredible to discover and explore. Rafting tours can last between one and six days depending on the type of tour and river chosen.

The Apurimac River is the source of the longest river in the world and one of the deepest and longest canyons in the world. It is also one of the most popular rivers in Peru for rafting tours to occur. The river offers magnificent views inside a deep canyon and fun rapids. The river also has outstanding mountain scenery in a completely isolated wilderness.

The Apurimac River offers tours that range between four days and six days. True adventurers can choose the six day rafting experience. There are technical rapids, volume of water, drops, big waves, and rocks. It provides everything a serious rafter is looking for.

It begins in Black Canyon, one of Peru’s greatest and most beautiful canyons. Combined with the Wallpachaca section offers whitewater rapids through spectacular and unique Canyonlands, small valleys, and Inca ruins.

One of the most popular hiking tours in Peru is traveling the Inca Trail to the top of Machu Picchu. Going on a Machu Picchu tour is a great way to explore and learn about the culture and diversity of the Cusco area.


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