Infertility of men can never let the women get pregnant. Lack of sperm count, lack of sperm in the semen, the low speed of the sperm to reach the egg, thick sperm hampering the speed of the sperm t reach the egg, cystic fibrosis, erectile dysfunction, injury in testicles, problem in ejaculating etc are some of the immediate medical reasons for male infertility.

Here, a couple of primary reasons are listed starting from medical causes to health and lifestyle causes-


This disease is the swelling of the veins that drains the testicles. As the sperm is produced from the testicles, issues in this organ can cause a severe problem for reproduction. Though it is not proven that varicocele is responsible for male infertility but definitely, the obstruction caused by the swelling of the veins the production of the normal sperm count. Immediate medical treatment can ensure complete cure of the disease by increasing the sperm count and by using assisted reproductive techniques such Vitro fertilization.

Ejaculation problems

If semen enters the bladder during the orgasm instead of flowing to the tip of the penis then mostly it is diagnosed as retrograde ejaculation. Proper treatment is there which men can opt for. Instead of the chemicals, they have the options for natural or ayurvedic medicines as well. Various reasons are responsible for this situation such as the chronic diseases such as diabetes, surgery in the bladder, urethra or the prostate, spinal injuries etc.


Different infections whether sexually transmitted or not are responsible for the temporary infertility of men. Some infections interfere with the sperm health while some hampers the normal sperm production. In many cases, men suffering from the infections experience inflammation of the epididymis or testicles during the intercourse or even masturbating. Usually, the inflammation is mainly caused by the infection caused by the sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, gonorrhea, and so on.

Issues with Erectile Dysfunction

One of the most common issues of many men these days is the erectile dysfunction. They mainly face problem in maintaining the erection for the sufficient time during the intercourse. Men suffering from ED often end up with painful intercourse, premature ejaculation, inflammation in genitals, anatomical abnormalities like urethral opening beneath the penis, psychological problems in the relationship that is interfered with sex and so on. With proper medication and therapies, the temporary issue of erectile dysfunction can be resolved and the issue of infertility can also be cured.

Particular medications

Long-term treatment of chronic diseases such as anabolic steroid use, cancer treatment, any particular antifungal medication, Testosterone replacement therapy, treatment drugs for ulcers and even diabetes can be responsible for decreasing the sperm count in male causing to male infertility.

Previous Surgeries

Along with medications, there are a few surgeries that can interfere in producing the normal sperm count during ejaculation. Testicular surgeries, vasectomy, hernia, prostate surgeries, abdominal surgeries, surgeries for rectal cancers etc can be responsible for lowering the accurate sperm count in men. Through surgery, the issue can be cured to retrieve sperm count directly from the testicles.

Emotional stress

Emotional stress, depression or any sort of psychological issue hampers the production of the good amount of healthy sperm required to impregnate a woman. Men suffering from any work-related anxiety or emotional stress should workout or go for counseling to de-stress and feel positive. In this case, good herbal medication along with proper diet can contribute incredibility in maintaining the psychological balance of men.

Along with all these issues, men addicted to smoking tobacco or alcohol often suffer from producing a healthy sperm count needed for reproduction.


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