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Preparing for a trip entails more than just having the proper luggage, travel documents, and accommodation arrangements. Regardless of whether it is a business trip or one for leisure, it is important that you get travel insurance to cover your and your belongings’ safety for the duration of your trip.

No matter how meticulously you plan your vacation, there remains the possibility of some aspects of it going wrong. Most of the time, these untoward and unwelcome incidents are caused by forces beyond your control. Having travel insurance, one way or the other, provides you with protection against these incidents.

When do you need it?

It is advisable to buy travel insurance for every trip you take. It is, however, more recommended for major travel vacations, particularly those which involve a significant number of risks. If you are planning a trip to a foreign country, regardless of how close to home

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Bus Tours Are A Great Way To Visit New Places

When thinking about your next vacation, consider letting someone else do the planning and the driving. Bus tours are a convenient, fun way to visit new locations and share the experience with your friends and family. Instead of having to focus on road conditions, finding your destination, and then parking your vehicle, you can actually enjoy the trip and, more importantly, spending time with your traveling companions.

There are many advantages to traveling and sightseeing with a tour company. For those whose schedule doesn’t permit the time to plan out a trip or map out the route, purchasing a pre-designed package is the perfect solution. Knowing exactly where you’re going, how long it will take to get there, and other details of the excursion, without having to be concerned about wear and tear on your personal vehicle, are attractive benefits of this mode of travel.

Another major plus to using one of these companies is the ability to leave the organization

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Budging for Your First Overseas Trip

As first time overseas travellers, we found our most difficult decision after all the arrangements were made for our trip with our travel agent was to decide how much spending money we needed on the trip. This article explains how we went about deciding how much currency we would purchase.

Being on a guided tour for our first overseas trip meant most of our expenses were covered. We needed only to budget for meals during our free time, souvenirs, presents and any other activities we might be advised to try. We also felt we needed access to emergency money.

We found there are web sites that provide information about the costs of items most people need on a daily basis including food, meal costs, coffee and so on. But before you get to use them, you need to work out what meals you need, what refreshments you might need, what you want to buy as souvenirs or presents and what other expenses you might incur.

Because you are on a guided tour to cut down on food expens

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The Economic Impact of COVID-19 May Be Easing: Is A Boost in Business and Student Travel Far Behind?

One sign the economic impact of the coronavirus may be easing is a significant drop in initial jobless claims reported in mid-March by the Department of Labor, representing the lowest levels seen yet during the pandemic. Another indicator of improving economic activity is that airports recently recorded their busiest days in over a year. While the United States and the rest of the world still have a long way to go to return to something resembling pre-coronavirus normalcy, the signs of recovery are there-and with vaccines rolling out, there is a sense of growing optimism.

“Among our customers, we’ve found that essential business travelers have continued to take to the skies and the roads throughout the pandemic, though in a somewhat limited capacity, while others, including students, have tended to stay closer to home,” explains VP of Marketing for Anaheim, California-based company Mobile Edge, which specializes in producing protective laptop cases, backpack

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Single Women Travel Tips

In the past decade the number of single women has more than doubled official figures reveal. Many have chosen to live an independent life rather than having a traditional husband. Also 1 in 5 women will never have children. Also 40% of all households with children under the age of 18 are the sole income earners. Only a few decades ago it was difficult, if not impossible, for a woman alone to take out a mortgage. These days more and more women are buying homes on their own. In recent surveys single women have made up between 16 and 22 percent of homebuyers. Women are now killing their own spiders, mowing their own lawns and repairing their own toilets, etc.

With these facts it is little wonder that the single travel industry is booming. Travel companies and tour companies now have to accommodate these ‘freemales’. Lots of single travel tours are cropping up and holiday companies are designing holidays for these type of independent women. You only have to go on Goog

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Historical Sites in Italy-Pompeii

Why would you want to visit Pompeii, a city that was frozen in time during the 1st century AD? What is it about this lost city, now rediscovered, that draws so many visitors and inspires so much attention? Why is Pompeii significant?

And what about Herculaneum, the nearby city at the volcano’s base, also totally destroyed by the same massive eruption? Herculaneum was inundated not by ash, but by a volcanic flow of boiling mud, traveling at 450 miles per hour. When the mud cooled, it hardened into a 60-foot-deep rock formation, and the city remained buried for over 17 centuries.

On a more pragmatic note, what will you actually see during your visits to Pompeii and Herculaneum? And how can you best balance out your visits to these remarkable but ruined places with an equal measure of astounding beauty and delight?

Why is Pompeii So Fascinating?

For starters, consider that this now abandoned, ancient city was once a thriving port. It w

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Cheap Vacation Getaways – Guidelines for Finding the Best Deals on Places You Want to Visit

Hoping for an unforgettable vacation? You might be in shock if you are looking into popular spots like London, Paris, Rome, New York, Toronto, Disney World, San Diego, etc. Even a lot of beach vacations are costly these days. Your best bet for cheap vacation getaways is to either wait until off-season or going for a less costly alternative to a popular destination. Palm Springs, for instance, is considered to be inexpensive when compared to say… San Francisco. Warsaw is a cheaper European alternative to London.

If you really do want to go to the most popular places in the world, here are a few tips to help you save:

• Timing is everything when it comes to cheap travel. If there is no leg room with your vacation dates and you MUST travel on those specific days, make a list of the top places you want to visit and find out if it will be off-season for any of them. If you do have flexibility with the dates, be patient and wait until the prices start to go down to t

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Travel Planning for a Trip to the Exotic Chhattisgarh State

Bordered by Orissa on the east, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh on the north, Madhya Pradesh on the west and Telengana on the South, Chhattisgarh state was carved out as a new state from erstwhile Madhya Pradesh on November 1, 2000 as India’s 26th state. The state which is important both from geological and archaeological perspective got its name from Chedisgarh which means Raj or Empire of the Chedis (Kalchury Dynasty).

How to reach there?

Chhattisgarh is well-connected from rest of the country by Road, Rail and Air. It has 11 national highways passing through the state which are about 2,184km in length. Then there are state highways and other major district roads that are about 8,031km in length.

The railway network spread over the state falls mostly under the South East Central Railway zone, with the zonal headquarter in Bilaspur. Many trains on the important Mumbai-Howrah route pass through the state. Major Railway stations are Maha

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Traveling with Kids – 5 Tips

Are you traveling with kids on a long awaited vacation? In order to

make them happy and excited, include them in the planning of your vacation.

Don’t forget to let them help you pack. They get so excited even if it’s

one night away.

If you’re unsure of where to visit, ask the kids what they really want.

Once the destination is chosen, have the kids help plan some of the activities.

Amusement parks, water slides, and general activities that entertain the younger

crowd are a must. Also include downtime so that both parents and kids can

get refreshed.


If you’re driving a long way, make sure to stop every two hours. Kids

can’t stay in a car that long. Frequent stops will help stretch the body.

Plan your trip around parks or swimming areas so that kids can get out and be


Another great idea

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Frugal Travel Tips For Bangkok, Thailand

With the currency exchange, it is difficult not to find frugal attractions in Bangkok, Thailand. However, there are a few tips to make travel dollars stretch even further and to better the travel experience.

The Grand Palace And The Temple Of The Emerald Buddha

Yes, there is an entrance fee (200 Baht, roughly $6 U.S.) but this sight is a must see for any visitor to Bangkok. It hosts a range of Thai architecture.

Temples and other national monuments have a strict dress code. No shorts, sleeveless tops, or risqué dress. This is true of most religious places the world over but in Thailand, travelers should also not wear open heeled sandals (there must be a strap behind the heel).

Thai Customs

Which leads to some Thai customs that savvy travelers observe.

Shorts are considered appropriate only for children and the lower class.

The head is considered sacred (closest to the heavens) so do not touch. Actually try no

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