Colombian Tours For the Adventurous

Colombia is one of those few places left on the map that has all the breathtaking beauty of a popular tourist spot without the throng of tourists. Blame it on misinformation, fear or something else. But, the truth is, Colombian tours are as thrilling as they are virginal. Here, visitors have a feeling that they are in a place that is yet to be discovered. Adventurers get the coveted opportunity to explore enormous natural beauty without intrusion. In short, Colombia has everything you want – the beach, the mountains, archeological treasures, copious natural delights and more. To top it all, it also has the most warm-hearted population ever. And this is the best time to visit Colombia, before the crowds get here and it too becomes a touristy spot.

Colombian tours are great for people who love adventure because the land and the terrain allows a number of diverse activities. There is trekking, mountain biking, parasailing and rafting, among other activities. San Gil is eve

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Holiday & Travel Guide For Rome, Italy

A Long time popular destination, Rome is famous for the classic Roman buildings and the culture that surrounds the city. Set half way down the leg of Italy, on the Western side, the city is now 2,700 years old.

What is Rome like?

Rome is a beautiful, historic city full of architecture and the hustle and bustle of Italian life. Home to shops of leading worldwide fashion designers, some nestled in near the Spanish Steps, and also the famous Colloseum, Trevi Fountain and more, there is often too much to see rather than too little. The streets of the capital city of Italy are very busy, but have many quaint restaurants and lovely Gelato (a real taste of Italy, extremely sweet and refreshing hand made ice cream) shops spread about, particularly if you venture into some of the outskirts, so you will get a real Italian experience.

Things to do

The Vatican City, home to the Pope of the Catholic Church, is nestled within Rome. A trip into this tiny l

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The Maldives – A Destination Everyone Should Visit

Following the horrendous events on Boxing Day 2005 The Maldives has refused to let the vast power of the Tsunami beat it and has returned to its former glory. Despite 99% of the Maldives being covered by water and the islands themselves a mere 6 feet above sea level the Maldives remains a stunning destination that everyone should visit at least once in there lives.

The Maldives has been one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Indian Ocean for many years and understandably so. The introduction of cheap flights from a variety of UK airports and the abundance of good quality and affordable accommodation has opened up this collection of some 1000 coral island to those of us that want to see the world. Many of these island are accessible from Male by speed boat, as familiar in the Maldives as cars are in the western world. Journeys can vary from 20 minutes to 2 hours although for the longer durations and those of us who don’t possess sea legs its just as easy to

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Thailand Hotels – Some Interesting Facts About Thailand Hotels

Accommodations From Pattaya Hotels to Phuket Resorts

The tallest hotel is the Baiyoke Sky Hotel at 88 stories. Novotel Svarnabhumi Airport Hotel has the largest lobby in the world. The Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel has one of the largest suites in the world, which takes up an entire floor of a building. The Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel in Pattaya has the most rooms numbering 4,210. The oldest hotel in Thailand is The Oriental Hotel built in 1876. Four Seasons Resort in Chiang Mai, has one of the most incredible spas in the world. Travelers who are looking for a sensible and comfortable environment, The Peninsula is considered one of the best all around hotels in Bangkok. The Marriot Royal Garden Riverside Hotel is one of the only resort hotels in Bangkok. Andaman White Beach Resort Phuket might be the most famous unknown hotel. This is where Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie “The Beach” was filmed. One of the most chic and obscure hotels is Indigo Pearl

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Cheap Vacation Getaways – Guidelines for Finding the Best Deals on Places You Want to Visit

Hoping for an unforgettable vacation? You might be in shock if you are looking into popular spots like London, Paris, Rome, New York, Toronto, Disney World, San Diego, etc. Even a lot of beach vacations are costly these days. Your best bet for cheap vacation getaways is to either wait until off-season or going for a less costly alternative to a popular destination. Palm Springs, for instance, is considered to be inexpensive when compared to say… San Francisco. Warsaw is a cheaper European alternative to London.

If you really do want to go to the most popular places in the world, here are a few tips to help you save:

• Timing is everything when it comes to cheap travel. If there is no leg room with your vacation dates and you MUST travel on those specific days, make a list of the top places you want to visit and find out if it will be off-season for any of them. If you do have flexibility with the dates, be patient and wait until the prices start to go down to t

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What Is VRBO?

In the vacation rental market, V.R.B.O. is the abbreviation for the term Vacation Rentals by Owner. In today’s era, travel agencies no longer the only source of booking a quality vacation. Most vacation condominiums are privately owned, meaning that each door in a Beach Resort is owned by a separate individual person or entity. Before the internet came along, property owners relied on travel agencies or real estate companies to fill these rental properties with vacationers. Property owners and travelers, alike, were in need of a direct medium for doing business. The internet now makes it possible for property owners to be contacted directly by the perspective property user, thus eliminating the “middle man,” and resulting in a win-win for both parties. This method of reserving vacation or business accommodations does not come without risk, however; but if one is willing to take the chance, it could pay off in big savings.

Two decades ago, if you wanted to re

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A Rain Forest Adventure on St Lucia

St. Lucia, located in the Windward Islands of the Caribbean, offers a tropical escape unlike any other. A yacht charter to the island will almost certainly result in exciting adventures with memories to last a lifetime. One attraction that is drawing quite a response from the more daring crowd is Rainforest Adventures. You’ve seen St. Lucia from the viewpoint of the Caribbean, as it rises out of the blue to the peak of Mount Gimie, now you can gain a whole new perspective as you journey into the rainforest canopy and witness the color and life of St. Lucia from an aerial vantage point.

Rainforest Adventures St. Lucia offer a variety of tours to meet everyone’s level of interest and excitement, including zip lines, birding tours, hiking trails, and a unique rainforest aerial tram. The open-air gondolas carry guests out of the lowlands and into the ecological park of the island’s forest reserve. The views of flora and fauna will astound you and a trained guide

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Sydney – A City Guide Of Sydney In Australia

The harbour city of Sydney, Australia may not be the country’s capital but it’s still a city of majestic beauty and chic style. Located in Australia’s south east coast, in the state of New South Wales, Sydney is a holiday destination famous for its long days of sunshine, national landmarks and brilliant beaches.

As the site of the first European colony in Australia, Sydney is a city rich in the colonial heritage and history. Hyde Park Barracks and Elizabeth Bay House recreate the atmosphere of the first white settlers in Australia during the 19th and 20th century, as well as housing exhibitions on Australian history, ideas and culture.

The heart of Sydney is its two landmarks, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Built on the picturesque Sydney harbour, the opera house is one of the greatest performing arts centres in the world and a source of great beauty and wonder. Opened in 1973, it was designed by a Danish architect to represent

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Victoria Falls Travel Tips and Ideas

The smoke that thunders, or Mosi-oa-Tunya. This is the name that indigenous peoples gave the awe-inspiring waterfalls of the Zambezi River between Zambia and Zimbabwe. While it is more commonly known as Victoria Falls, when one experiences the falls, the smoke that thunders is imminently more apropos. These falls, which explorer David Livingston said “must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight,” will be the highlight of any journey to South Africa.

Visitors can view the falls from Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in the country of Zambia and Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe. In fact, visitors can get a glimpse of the falls from as much as thirty miles away. During the wet season, 19 million cubic feet of water spills from the falls, and the spray shoots over a thousand feet into the air and can be seen by those miles away. Unlike other world-famous falls, like Niagara, you are treated to a front-on view of Victoria Falls. Here, your senses will be trea

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Boston USA Hotels

Boston is one of the most wealthiest, historical and influential cities in USA. The city features nearly 2000 restaurants and 62 historical sights. Boston was once ultra conservative but developed a progressive culture and is now one of the hottest tourist spots in New England. The city get around 16 million tourists a year making it one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world. Boston features a seamless blend of international culture and American history that renders it unique. . Boston is one of the oldest cities in USA and is characterized by a distinct European feel that seems to have seeped into the culture.

One can shell out $400 for a night in the swanky luxury hotels or get a room in a motel for as low 30$.

Boston unfortunately is not known for its budget hotels .Although, some bed and breakfast hotels can be found scattered around the Brooklyn, Cambridge areas it takes some research to find them. The most popular B&B is the College Club of Boston,

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