An Act of God or Passion

I am going to pen a few thoughts which I want to get over. I am going to touch on the moral and emotional aspects of deflowering a virgin. Is it wrong, especially if you have no plans to marry her and would like to list this act as a conquest? The answer can be under two heads. Either you believe in religious dogma and feel it’s wrong or you are a liberated man and see it as a natural act of fulfillment.

All girls are virgins at some stage and that is the essence of the argument. Somebody will take her virginity, not necessarily the man who will marry her. It could be an act of seduction by an older man or a bout of passion with a boyfriend. Even in India many girls lose their virginity before marriage. As for me in many visits to abroad, never came across a single virgin. In America very few girls will wait till marriage to be deflowered.

Having accepted this argument, I see no reason if the chance is there for an older man to “break” a virgin. Firstly it will add years to his life and make him feel younger. As Vatsyayana has said, sex with a younger woman is the elixir to youth. I am sure Vatsyayana is correct and now there is research in Denmark and USA which confirms that younger women add years to health and longevity of a man. Older men and younger girls is a sure shot recipe for good health and longevity.

Let older men try it. Breaking the hymen of a virgin is thus part of life and one step to great satisfaction. How one goes about it is an individual trait. There has to be finesse and tact and overall it has to be a polished effort: something the girl will remember. Many will not go ahead, but I did deflower three virgins and for me those are my most cherished moments. I wonder how many readers will agree with me. Yes, these three were the ones who got seduced. How do I look at it? One has to justify the act to one ‘s mind and I feel no remorse as after all Lord Krishna said”Not a leaf moves without my will.”

Lastly there should be the inherent belief that you will try and make it memorable for the virgin, something she will remember for all time to come.


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