Before the advancements in technology that took place in the food industry, individuals could obtain proper amounts of important vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrients in their diets without the need for food supplements. Although modern technology offers improved ways to provide food to our tables, these new methods are affecting the nutritional value of natural food products. Because of this, choosing to use food supplements can provide these important nutrients in place of the nutritional value that has been depleted from whole foods.

Although the whole foods that are offered to us today still maintain some nutritional value, in order to get the recommended daily allowance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients the body requires, we would have to consume large amount of fruits and vegetables compared to what our ancestors had to eat for maintaining healthy diets. Another important factor that is preventing people from getting enough essential nutrients is the fast pace that living requires of people today. This causes individuals to look for ways to save time, which often leads them straight to the fast-food restaurants or to using processed or packaged food with little to no nutritional value. Very few of us set enough time aside for the preparation of quality meals

Everyone seems to be under a great deal of stress today, which can lead to poor immune systems and other illnesses. In fact, more and more scientists are coming to the agreement that stress is the number one cause of most illnesses and diseases. Using health food supplements that help boost the immune system can be vital in today’s world and with the high levels of toxins that individuals are exposed to; immune systems must work even harder to fight off free radicals.

Using a food supplement is an easy solution to the lack of proper nutrients in diets today. With the many forms that are available, they can provide essential vitamins and minerals, boost the immune system, fight free radicals and provide optimum health. For individuals who do not eat properly, are vegetarian or have a medical condition that causes the body to improperly use nutrients such as those with diseases of the intestinal tract or those with food allergies, using supplements can be vital for maintaining proper health. For others who eat healthy, adding these types of supplements to the diet can only ensure that they are truly getting what the body needs nutritionally.


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