Outdoor landscape lighting is more than just putting a few pieces of bulbs in the outdoor. Apart from basic illumination, outdoor landscape lighting has different functions and requirements as compare to indoor landscape lighting.

Lights that are placed outdoors, either in a garden or a semi-sheltered area like a porch, are often used to highlight the beauty of landscaping or to keep a lovely garden as beautiful by night as it is by day.

Such outdoor landscape lighting may be specially positioned such that it plays up rustic or unusual textures of outdoor wall, roof, or flooring materials, and make the outdoor spaces more welcoming for parties or recreational activities.

Outdoor landscape lighting is not normally designed for people to read by, or to do close work underneath. But a strong spotlight or movement detector cum light can greatly enhance the security of your compound by deterring potential burglars, and illuminating places where family members or guests may probably stumble in the dark.

It is important that outdoor landscape lighting are weatherproof and dust proof. They should not admit water from rain, plant-watering or swimming pool splashes nor corrode in the elements, and certainly should not break down from dust blown in by passing traffic and wind.

Lights that are meant to be set into the ground to throw illumination upwards on trees and bushes should have strong cases that will not break if stepped on. The lights should also keep out soil, mud and insects or worms, and not blown if the surround earth is wet.

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