The Amish people have their own unique beliefs and unique way of handling troubled teens. Amish troubled teens are taught the benefits of hard work, the importance of finishing tasks and assume responsibility at a young age.   Work cures all is the basis of the Amish remedy for troubled teens.

The Amish are a group of Anabaptist Christians who believe in simple communal living and hard work. Their religion is based on coming to individual conclusions based on the Bible. Self sufficiency, discipline and hard work are the main principles of the Amish way of life. Amish teenagers live within the Amish social circle and learn to become well adjusted adolescents and adults. However, with the inroads made by the outside world into the Amish way of life, it is not unusual to find troubled Amish teenagers who have negative habits and behavior.

As prosperity increases and Amish youth work outside the community, Amish parents are unable to exercise control over them. One of the principles of the Amish people is voluntary adult baptism and the church has no control over adolescents until they become members of the church. As prosperity increases, Amish youth become more self indulgent and lazy. Drugs and pornography enter these controlled communities and have a negative impact on some teenagers. Adolescents have more money and more leisure than their parents.   Adolescents who work outside the community are also subject to the negative influence of out of the community peers.

It is generally believed that small communal churches are harsh in their punishments to difficult adolescents, this is not strictly true. Amish elders work with troubled teenagers to help them see the error of their ways rather than deal out harsh punishments for negative behavior. Some Amish parents end their children away to other Amish communities to work so that the negative behavior does not impact other children in the community. Some elders are designated as surrogate guardians and disciplinarians to help rehabilitate wayward Amish youth.  The Amish have special mental facilities where troubled teenagers are treated through faith and psychological healing processes.

The Amish people believe that children can be reformed with patience and hard work. They tend to ignore minor transgressions and help troubled teenagers work through their problems through abiding faith. They set goals for adolescents and teach them to work hard to achieve the goals. They are taught self respect and respect for their peers and elders. Punishments are meted out to adolescents who are confrontational and show flagrant indiscipline. Work and play merge into one among the Amish young. Children learn to be accountable and deal with small problems of communal living at an early age. The emphasis on simplicity and discipline keep negative outside influences at bay.

The Amish deal with their troubled teens with a gentle but firm discipline. They believe firmly in the theory that hard work is the best cure for emotional problems. By emphasizing the importance of hard work in a  sharing communal atmosphere, the Amish handle the problems of their troubled teens efficiently and effectively.



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