Ecuador’s geological location, situated on the Equatorial line, makes it a diverse and unique country. It prides itself in the largest amount of flora and fauna per square kilometer in the world, and over 18% of the country’s area is declared protected.

Boasting a wide variety of ecosystems, it makes it the ideal spot for adventure travel of all kinds. With all its major attractions and nature sites within a short distance, you can plan a new adventure for every day of your trip. From surfing, kayaking, biking, whale watching, paragliding, hiking, rock climbing, horse back riding and more, this is a country you’ll never get bored of.

You can discover the lush forests and striking views of the Andes Mountains in areas such as Quito & Banos, where you will find more than enough paths, treks and mountain climbing sites to fill up your camera. Meet indigenous tribes and quench your thirst with the tropical fruits of the Amazon jungle, or bask in the sun on a trip to all the brilliant and non-crowded beaches along the “Ruta del Sol” (the sun route) on the Pacific Coast.

As the Ecuador tourism industry has only recently begun to create awareness and be recognized as a primary adventure travel destination, most of the country has remained pure and untouched. Unlike many other popular travel destinations, where prices have sky rocketed and tourist towns have been transformed into miniature clones of North American tourist destinations, Ecuador stays true to it’s roots. Life at it’s purest.

The 2,237 kilometers of stunning tropical coastline, featuring small fishing towns, tranquil surf beaches and modern port cities, has become a major attraction for student travel. The country consists of two main seasons, which are winter and summer. The winter season, which receives hotter temperatures, more sun, rain and larger ocean swells, begins in December and ends around May. The summer season begins in June and continues throughout the month of November, bringing dryer and windier conditions to the region. The country maintains a perfect year round temperature averaging about 25 degrees Celsius, often accompanied with a light sea breeze, making it an impressive winter or spring break get away spot. As the country’s tourism industry continues to grow, more student travel and adventure travel programs are being created to accommodate the new demand.

Although the Ecuadorian people are welcoming to the increase in tourism and the visitors to their country, they have placed a high importance in maintaining a sustainable and eco-friendly country. Most of the volunteer, adventure travel & student travel programs are constructed with this in mind. There are a wide variety of programs that offer the opportunity to appreciate all the treasures of this magnificent country, while at the same time contributing to environmental and/or community development.

These days the accessibility and affordability of travel to international destinations has resulted in an abundance of development and economic progression in the corresponding countries. However, it has also generated, in some cases, an excess of pollution and industrialization. For this reason, it is important to make an educated selection of the travel program in which you will participate. There are several great and responsible travel opportunities available in Ecuador and all over the world, for both adventure travel and student travel, which are dedicated to providing an eye-opening experience as well as protecting our earth’s natural resources.

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