The Latest Ad Hoc Mobile Personal Tech Networking Device Patent by Apple

Every day the smart phone market has something new to say, new to report, or more information to retort. For instance, now Apple is upping the ante on their control over the smart phones they sell, and has decided to apply for a few new patents. Yes, this is all typical in Apple Style, and yet, one of those patents is very telling to us at our Internet style Think Tank, as we are constantly remunerating about such things.

Great article on August 20, 2010 in ARS Technica entitled; “Apple May Be Looking to Lock Out Unauthorized iOS Users,” by Chris Foresman who reported that Apple filed a patent titled; “Systems and Methods for Identifying Users of an Electronic Device,” such as heartbeat analysis, photo, voice print, and suspicious behavior uncommon to the known user.

So, I guess a thief who has stolen the phone would then be giving away his/her picture, voice print, keystrokes, and Global Position (location). The patent appears to also be able t

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Hiking Trail Weekends Just Got A Little Easier Thanks to Personal Tech Start-Ups

Well, it’s wonderful how companies like Yelp and Google with their Maps feature help all us smart phone users find what we are looking for and that they use crowdsourcing to help us make safer decisions. But what happens when these tools lead us astray, or when they just don’t give us the information we need. It seems to happen to me all the time.

No I am not angry, because I remember when I bought my first GPS unit for my motorhome. Most of the streets were not listed, only the main highways and main roads, the data vendors were not working together cohesively, even if the platforms like ERSI had a great system. A few years later and the dot-com bubble burst and it didn’t get any better for a long while. Today, Google Maps is pretty good, but I’ve had trouble with bike paths, hiking trails, and such. Soon we are told interiors of government buildings will all be mapped out too, we may never be lost again – a promising future yes, but that future

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