How to Fix Garmin Won’t Charge Issue

There are times that when you are leaving from someplace, your Garmin device will be working fine but what is not going to work is the charging of the device.

Well, although Garmin is among the best GPS devices of the century, there are some issues sometimes that you can face and there is no other option than to troubleshoot the issue. The same is going to happen when Garmin Won’t charge. This issue is not that common and is going to happen only with a handful of people.

Have you ever tried to know why are you facing this issue? What are you doing wrong that only you are facing this issue and not others? Well, you must know that there are certain things that you might be doing wrong which is why you must be facing such an issue.

You need to check whether your Garmin is connected to the charger as many a time you can face this issue when the charger is not properly connected. Most of the time, there can be various other reasons that might be possible for th

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New Cisco Router Licensing Scheme

Earlier this year, Cisco announced replacement switches to the 1841/2800/3800 routers.  The older routers have not entirely reached end of sale, but the newer routers (1941/2900/3900) offer big changes in router licensing.

Why is it different?  Similar to a PIX or ASA, the new routers use license keys and a universal image to determine the available features. This new licensing scheme shows a clear difference between the version of IOS installed and the feature set installed.  You can change them independently and they don’t afect each other.

The license structure has been streamlined, as there are only 4 feature sets.  None of the packages overlap.  They are:

IP Base: The default feature set.  It has support for the most common routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP), common WAN technologies (MLPPP, MLFR), and common LAN technologies (802.1q trunking).

Data: The Data license adds sup

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How to Download Music to PSP

Have you been pulling your hair out trying to download music to your Sony PSP?

I am going to give you my quick and easy recipe for putting your favorite music on your PSP. There are only a few steps and it is a cinch on you know how.

1. First off you need to get what they call a cd ripper and while you are at it I would definitely grab a psp video converter. A cd ripper lets you pull music (rip) of your cd’s

that you have now. The psp video converter will let you rip and convert video files to watch on your PSP…so you can watch and listen to music videos and music, cool heh!

2. Load your cd and fire up your cd ripper select the song or songs you want to put on your PSP and hit the “extract and encode” to PSP.

3. If you already have music files on your pc then all you need to do is hit “add” from your cd ripper or psp video converter.

4. Make sure on all of the above you select the “PSP” fo

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Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Overview: An Inexpensive Gaming Laptop With Long Battery Life

Laptops have become much less costly over the years. Gaming laptops, unfortunately, are the exception to the rule, as many of them are in excess of $1,000. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find an inexpensive laptop that is capable of running the average game just fine with decent settings. An example is the Dell Inspiron 15 7000.

It is a really nice looking laptop, with its sleek, professional design and grille pattern. The LED backlighting is also a nice touch. The gaming version of this laptop has a deep-red backlight that gives it a futuristic look. There are three different brightness settings: dim, bright and off.

It’s also an affordable PC (less than $1,000) despite looking like a high-end machine. The island-style keyboard offers 1.5-mm of key travel with 58-60 grams of actuation. The keys are nice and springy for a comfortable typing experience.

The 15 7000’s bottom-mounted subwoofer and front-firing speakers pump out some

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Lenovo ThinkPad A275 Review – A Must-Have Business Laptop With Enterprise-Level Security

If you’re looking for a light, versatile laptop that handles your business needs, a great place to start is with the Lenovo ThinkPad A275. Imagine having a machine powered by an AMD processor, yet only weighing 2.9-lbs. That’s exactly what you’ll get with this unit. It also comes with all of the security features you could hope for, such as TPM technology for encrypting all data and passwords.

With processor-level security features, you can trust that the A275 will protect you from would-be hackers. Biometrics sensors are also used by Windows Hello, which allows you and only you to unlock the device via fingerprint or face recognition.

What kind of strenuous testing has it undergone? It’s tested against a multitude of military-grade requirements and goes through 200 quality checks. These tests include ensuring that it can endure extreme temperatures, mechanical shops, heavy vibrations, drops, bumps, and so forth. You won’t have to worry if

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How to Safeguard Your Computer

In today’s world, computer has become an integral part of our life. We depend on our computers for both official and personal work. When we are in the midst of some work, the computer sometimes suddenly stops working and we wonder what to do.

The following practice, if done regularly, may help you to safeguard your computer to some extent.

1. Run disc clean up, scan disk and defragmentor.

2. Keep your recycle bin emptied.

3. Clean your cache of browsers.

4. Download only the very essential programs that are required to run your business and avoid the habit of downloading whatever you get for free.

5. Update your programs to keep up the latest technology and also for a faster load time.

6. Never open suspicious emails from unknown people, especially the attachments however tempting it may be. It will be hazardous to your computer. Sometimes you may even get emails with attachments with subject saying your “Thank you for you

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How to Hack Your iPod: Six Great iPod hacks

The iPod is a deeply personal device. The music, contacts, calendars and notes you store on it reveal a lot about your personality. From playcounts to playlists, our iPods can tell others what we enjoy, how we think and even who we are. But if you truly want to transform your iPod into an engine of extreme personal expression, why not customise it?

Hacking your iPod – whether it’s modding the case, installing custom software, or tearing it up and doubling the memory – can transform the ubiquitous music and media player into something unique.

Note: You should be aware that trying any of these tricks carries the risk of ruining your device.

1. Penguin power

iPod Linux is the essential hack, table stakes for many of the other hacks you might want to try. It fully supports iPods in generations 1-3, and has been successfully installed on all others with a display. You should grab ‘Podzilla’, which will add a graphica

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Your Future Wrist Smart Phone Computer and Its Zapping Potential Considered

Can you imagine a future where everyone is wearing their smart phone? It will look more like an accessory than a personal tech device – where jewelry meets tech so to speak. I know it is somewhat hard to believe because it seems no one wears a watch anymore. In fact, the prices for a nice Swiss Watch, authentic version, have come down substantially on Craigslist, check it out in case you’ve ever wanted one of those exquisite time pieces. Okay, but what else will your future smart phone wrist watch be able to do? Let’s talk shall we?

Now then, Coast-to-Coast AM had an interesting guest, Tyrel Ventura of Buzzsaw, sign on for an interview on the night of September 27-28, 2013 who was quite the conspiracy theorist indeed, especially when he stated in so many words, while discussing a recent Lost Episode of Conspiracy Theory; ” on the future of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and some frightening taser wristbands they are ready to deploy.&#

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The 4 Elements That Makes Up A Personal Computer System

There are 4 elements that make up a personal computer system: the user, software, hardware and the electricity all working together for the whole system. Each of these elements is essential to the system itself.

The user is the person’s who perform the task using the computer system. The nature of the task depends upon the application program or software that is needed to perform the task. The software that the user used requires certain hardware components to function properly.

The hardwares of the personal computer system are made up of its equipment that are usually connected (the computer, monitor, printer and so on). It is defined as hardwares because you can physically touch these components. The programs are called softwares since their function can only be used when the computer is turn ON. Software is a set of coded instructions that the computer uses in order to carry out the user’s tasks.

The user can only use the computer when it is turne

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Top 3 Best Tablets of 2020: A Review

The invention of the tablet changed things forever. But since then, the market has been flooded with hundreds of tablets. Each of them hosting a variety of features and designs. It makes it very difficult to find the best tablets available. We’ve scoured the internet in search of the top three best tablets. Take a look at our top three picks below.

1.Samsung Galaxy Tab.A

The Samsung Galaxy Tab.A is a great option. The tablet offers immense storing capabilities and is available in varying screen sizes. It is also available in a few colors, black and silver. Samsung is an incredible electronics manufacturer, the Galaxy Tab.A lives up to our expectations of the brand.


Minimum Bezel to offer Maximum View

Offers a Lightweight Design

Features a Sleek and Slim Form

Long Lasting Battery Life

Addition of an SD Card

8MP Rear Camera


There is no Front Camera


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