The Perfect Pre-Race Dinner: Pasta With Bolognese Sauce

In order to perform at their best, athletes of all ages need to train well, get plenty of sleep, stay hydrated and eat a nutritious diet that is well balanced and wholesome.

In the days leading up to a competition or race, it becomes even more important to eat well to ensure that the body has the energy resources required for the big day. The pre-race dinner plays an essential role in preparing the body for competition. The key objective with this important meal is to replenish the body with all the nutrients needed for peak performance. Pasta with Bolognese sauce meets that challenge and tastes great too!

This rich, meaty dish provides plenty of protein, along with complex carbs and good fat, to refuel the muscles. Add a crisp, green salad with fresh veggies and a loaf of crusty, artisan whole wheat bread and it’s a complete meal. Pasta with Bolognese sauce is a hearty and satisfying dish so a light dessert of fresh fruit is all that you need to finish it off. T

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Review-Pasta Magic Makes Tragic Pasta

The other day I picked up a kitchen gadget called the “Pasta Magic” and today I allowed it to approach the wonderfulness that is my spaghetti sauce. After judging the results of this supposed time-saving device, I have to give it a hearty thumbs-down. Actually, not only do I have to give it the thumbs-down, but I really want to.

Opening it up and looking at the contents, I found two containers, two strainer lids, two lock-down sealing lids, instructions, and a thermal sleeve that’s supposed to help you not burn your hand while pouring out the water you’ve just used to cook your pasta. I’ll go through each of the components, because I have something to say about each.

The containers are sturdy enough, and they don’t look easy to tip over. They have a rim around the bottom to keep them upright. They have one big flaw that I will discuss in a moment.

The strainer lids….suck. I tried for a while to get the one I used to &#82

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3 Amazing Grilled Meat and Pasta Recipes You Need to Try

Pasta is a favorite dish throughout the world. One of the charms of this dish is that it’s extremely versatile – you can choose whatever type of noodle you like and the choices are endless when it comes to sauces and ingredients. Try something unique and add a delicious smoky taste to your pasta by combining it with grilled meat.

Grilled Chicken and Pesto Angel Hair Pasta

What you need:

  • 2 boneless chicken breast halves, cooked and sliced into bite-size pieces
  • 1 1/4 cups angel hair pasta
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 cup pesto sauce
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons toasted almonds

Cook pasta until al dente in a pot according to package instructions. Heat olive oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Cook garlic until tender. Stir in cooked chicken, cooked pasta and pesto. Top with almonds before serving.

Grilled Salmon Linguine


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Cavatelli – "Ghavadeels"

Cavatelli: to write or to say the word as it is written is something of an embarrassment. To any Italian American this dish is called “Gah-vah-deels.’ Any Italian American knows that word in the way that they pronounced it. Of course, the correct Italian is “cavatelli ” (Kha-vah-tell-ee). Back in the day, in the 1950’s and 60’s, cavatelli were a special dinner that appeared on the table on special occasions. Cavatelli were not made at home in my house. They came from two very different sources. Most often my father bought the cavatelli from an old time shop in West Philadelphia where he also bought the home made ricotta. In those days the ricotta came in a perforated metal container that was covered in a sheet of plastic held tight by a rubber band. We used to make string line telephones from the cans. The other source of cavatelli was our neighbor, Alfred the tailor, whose wife made them herself

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Step Brothers – Macaroni and Cheese

Brennan Huff is an unemployed 39-year-old living with his mom. Dale Doback is an unemployed 40-year-old living with his dad. But what happens when Mom and Dad decide to get married? These two adult losers will have to tolerate each other’s presence by not only living together, but also sharing a room.

Things shouldn’t get too heated. After all, there are some ground rules.

Rule #1: Brennan is under no circumstances allowed to EVER touch Dale’s drum set. When the temptation is too much for Brennan to handle, it ends with a bat and a golf club.

After the debacle, the boys are given a dreadful ultimatum: get jobs, or be kicked out of the house.

Did we see it coming? Dale and Brennan have more in common than they thought, and the new living situation is the start of a beautiful friendship. They turn their separate beds into bunk beds and share their deepest secrets.

When Brennan’s successful brother, Derek, comes for a visit, th

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The Difference Between Homemade and Jarred Gourmet Pasta Sauce

Is There A Difference Between Jarred and Homemade Sauces?

If you love pasta sauce, then you know there’s a constant debate going on about whether or not jarred pasta sauce is as good as homemade. This is a debate that just goes back and forth, with people choosing one side, and then another. Of course, there are some definite pro’s for the homemade, but there are for jarred sauce as well. Time for a pro’s and cons list.

Pro’s and Cons: Homemade Sauce

Homemade pasta sauce can be the best part of a pasta meal. You sit around your family meal, maybe with some fresh out of the oven garlic bread, and big, juicy meatballs on top of your pasta. Everyone digs in and has a great time. It sounds like a great family meal. The fruits of your endeavor are enjoyed as you finish all the spaghetti on the table. However, homemade sauce takes a lot of time and energy to make! If you’re really making this from scratch, you need

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Classic Macaroni and Cheese

Mac and cheese comes in endless variations. That might seem like an exaggeration, but consider the possibilities, from the shape of the pasta to the combination of cheeses. The addition of meats and vegetables adds even more variations while also making it a one-pot meal. There are so many possibilities, but the most popular way to make mac and cheese simply brings together elbow macaroni, bechamel, and cheddar. That’s an Italian noodle, a French sauce, and an English cheese. This unique combination of foods somehow results in a delicious dish, one that has become an enduringly popular and familiar comfort food. The recipe below will tell you how to make a classic mac and cheese.

This recipe can be made entirely on the stove or baked. If you choose the latter route, preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Or if you simply want to get the top brown and crunchy, stick it under the broiler for a few minutes.


-half a poun

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Cooking For Beginners – 9 Pasta Tips and Tricks

Cooking pasta, for some, is a daunting challenge. For instance… a cousin of mine cooked pasta for so long… it came out of the pot in one big clump every time.

If you’re pasta isn’t turning out… the following tips should help you to get fantastic results every time.

1. How much pasta per person? This always seems to be an issue for everyone. Only you know your family’s appetite… but… here is the rule of thumb. A one pound box of pasta will serve 4 big eaters. If you are preparing other dishes to go along with your pasta, a one pound box would easily serve up to 6 people. Note: One cup of uncooked pasta equals two cups of cooked pasta.

2. How to salt pasta? I add a lot of salt to my pasta water. I am told, that it should taste like the sea. Taste the water after you’ve added the salt… the salt taste should be noticeable.

3. Should the water be boiling first

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Menage a Trois Mac and Cheese

This is a very easy baked mac and cheese recipe. If you can boil water and preheat an oven, then you can make this dish. The cheese sauce is made of cream cheese, milk, butter, and two other ingredients. In the following recipe, those two other ingredients are the Italian cheeses provolone and Parmesan, but you can experiment with the cheese combination. I have tried this cream cheese sauce with cheddar and gouda, which resulted in a relatively mild mac and cheese. Pairing the sauce with cheddar and Parmesan makes a sharper combination. I have also heard of people making this cream cheese sauce with Monterey jack, mozzarella, and pepper jack.

For the pasta, you can use a small or medium-sized pasta, such as elbow macaroni or rotini. If you like crunchy macaroni, just leave the top bare. For a crackly brown crust, sprinkle grated or shredded Parmesan over the top before popping it in the oven. Or you can lay slices of provolone on top and sprinkle with seasoned breadcrumbs. Th

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Italians And Their Pasta

Nobody can really tell where pasta originated. Almost every country all over the globe has a version of this food. Wherever there is wheat, there pasta seemingly is – in some form or another.

The Japanese refer to pasta as udon, the Chinese call it mein, French people call it nouilles, those who live in Poland refer to it as pierogi, Germans say it is spaetzle, and the Siberians, pel’meni.

The Italians bravely claim that pasta is all theirs from the beginning since it has fed the poorest southern Italian regions for hundreds of years. The gentle texture of pasta is a great partner to all sorts of toppings, spices and sauces. It has also been attributed to a lot of unique names as the Italians cannot seem to resist giving the strings, ribbons and other shapes with different names.

A passionate Italian eater of long ago – whoever he was – blessed pasta with its first name &#82

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