Ten Tips for Caring for Your Betta Fish

Betta fish, also called Siamese fighting fish are one of the most popular types of fish found in homes across the world. Their vibrant color and active lifestyle seems to draw in fish fanatics as well as those who have never had fish before. Betta’s are relatively easy to care for and their low maintenance is particularly appealing to people who would like to have fish but don’t have a lot of time to care for them.

Once you bring your Betta’s home you should begin to familiarize yourself with their movements and typical behavior patterns. When you look at your fish after you’ve had them for awhile you’ll know if something is wrong, if they are not feeling well, or if the water in their bowl is not in the best condition simply by being observant.

1. Make sure the jar or bowl that you keep your Betta in is big enough so that he can swim around and not bump or tear his fins or scales. Also be sure there is plenty of surface area so that he ca

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How to Measure and Release Fish Correctly

Many people approach measuring fish with a relaxed approach and risk hefty fines, particularly if the fish is borderline size. There is no grey area when it comes to legal size of catch. Even the difference of 1cm can have you in trouble, and is just not worth the risk of a fine.

Sustainability needs to be taken very seriously, hence Fisheries have very clear guidelines. Sustainable fishing means that fish are harvested at a sustainable rate, so the fish population does not decline over time due to poor fishing practices. Imagine a world that is over-harvested and the corresponding devastation to the eco-system and to our future generations. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to do our bit to protect the planet.

Size limits are typically based on biological research into the reproductive cycle of each species. Minimum size limits generally allow fish to spawn at least once and contribute to the population before they are taken.

The biggest mist

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600 Gold Per Hour Farming Fish Feasts in WotLK

The Fish Feasts are one of the best cooking buffs, and the most used raid buff given by cooks. You can make a lot of gold just farming the fish needed for the Fish Feast.

But of course you’ll need to know exactly what to fish and where to go, right? Well that’s where this quick guide will come into play.


Fishing Skill 400+

Fishing Pole

Lures that give you extra fishing.

(Find Fish, this ability really really helps)

Fish Feasts Materials

1x Northern spice

2x Musselback Sculpin

2x Glacial Salmon

2x Nettlefish

So the idea here is to fish up as many of the fish as possible, then to list them on the Auction House for a huge profit. Some servers may not even have anyone actively farming these, in which case you can make twice as much gold.

Musselback Sculpin

Really the only place worth mentioning is Lak

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Is It OK to Break Open Fish Oil Pills In Order To Make Swallowing Easier?

Let’s face it! Lots of us have trouble swallowing pills and capsules. Breaking open fish oil pills or capsules, however, is not the easiest way to deal with the problem.

There is no fundamental reason not to break open a capsule of a high quality supplement into a clean spoon or even into a glass of V-8 juice or some other salty, flavorful vegetable juice. As long as the oil is consumed right away, it will not oxidize and the essential fatty acids it contains will not spoil. You can just throw the capsule away, although some brands like Nordic Naturals add flavoring to the capsule itself to make it tasty enough to chew. But don’t! You don’t really want to squirt fish oil in your mouth unless you have tasted it before and grown accustomed to it.

There are reasons, however, not to break open a capsule of any product that is labeled as containing “marine liquids.” Another term for marine liquids might be fish juice. Just as a fish would go ba

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Learn Facts About the Red Nocturnal Squirrelfish Species of Tropical Fish

A mostly red, tropical reef fish, the Hawaiian squirrelfish Menpachi stays in underwater caves in the daytime, swimming out after dark to hunt for food in the shallow waters over the reefs.They eat crabs, invertebrates, zooplankton and small fish. Because they are active primarily at night, their large eyes are important, as nocturnal creatures. The Menpachi fish is good to eat and is often hunted by spear fishermen. It is not a large fish, usually not more than 12 inches in length.

Although they are edible, some of the other species of squirrelfish are not generally used for eating, as they are small, in general, they have rough scales and their spines are sharp.

The squirrelfish named ala’ihi by Hawaiians has red with multiple white stripe or silver stripe colorings. The name of this fish is often seen without the apostrophe as alaihi. It is often the subject of paintings and posters as it is an attractive, colorful fish.

In addition to those found in th

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Is My Koi Fish Pregnant?

Some fish can become pregnant and are live-bearers. Koi do not fit into this category. A female Koi will lay eggs. The eggs must be pushed out of her by the male. There are signs to look for to determine if your Koi is full of eggs.

1. The Koi looks fat or bloated.

2. The males are chasing the female around the pond. It can be quite aggressive as they may bash her against the side of the pond.

3. Koi is swimming far from the surface, rarely coming up.

4. The female stays away from the other fish because she is looking for a place to lay eggs.

5. The female Koi may suck on plants or the sides of the pond to clean space for the eggs.

6. The male gains white spots on their pectoral fins and the covering of their gills.

7. A month before they begin to spawn they begin eating at an optimum level.

Most often your male Koi will be 3-5 and the female 3-6 years old before they are mature enough to spawn. Your Koi will become interested

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The Fish We Cook, Porgy and Pompano


It can be called butterfish, cobbler fish, permit or palmetto. No matter what name you give it, the Florida pompano is considered one of the best tasting fish in the ocean. It is a very popular fish in the Florida area both commercially and for sports fishing. Found in the warm waters of the south Atlantic from Cape Cod to Brazil, the it should not be confused with the California pompano which is actually a member of the butterfish family and not a pompano at all. It is a fast growing fish, reaching 8-12 inches in its first year and has a life expectancy of 3 to 4 years. Because of its fast growth and great taste, farming the pompano is becoming very popular. The average harvest size for farmed pompano is 1 to 1.5 pounds. It has a silvery body, metallic blue above and golden-yellow below with a deeply forked tail and wid caught average 1 ½ to 3 pounds. The pompano has been known to reach 9 pounds and 26 inches in length. It is a fairly expensive fish

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Lao Tzu – "Give a Man a Fish, Feed Him For a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, Feed Him For a Lifetime"

Back in ancient Chinese times, sometime between the 4th and 6th century BC, Lao Tzu was the founder of taoism, the mystical ‘way’ or ‘path’ that many have followed since.

And with him came the many sayings for which he is renowned.

One of the best known is the one quoted above, “Give a man a fish; feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; feed him for a lifetime”, which has a wonderful analogy with the modern world of management today.

The metaphor of feeding someone and that sufficing to get them through one day, and one day alone shows that people can only be helped so far. If we help them and do things for them all the time, then they rely on us, which is not only unhealthy for their development of skills, but also potentially dangerous, if we are not there to help them one day, their very future is at risk.

The principle whereby we rely totally on the support, guidance and even nurturing of someone else, for too long

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7 Fish Oil Benefits Proven by Research

Research studies show fish oil benefits are down right amazing.

And knowing this is the second most important thing you can do for your health. (We’ll get to #1 in importance soon.)

Studies are published almost daily as the scientific community discovers more and more of the many extraordinary omega 3 fish oil benefits.

If you haven’t already been swept up in the net yet, here are 7 proven omega 3 benefits you should know about.

1. Less Pain and Inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids, particularly EPA, have a very positive effect on your inflammatory response. Through several mechanisms, they regulate your body’s inflammation cycle, which prevents and relieves painful conditions like arthritis, prostatitis, cystitis and anything else ending in “itis.”

2. Cardiovascular Health. Omega 3 fatty acids have also been proven to work wonders for your heart and the miles and miles of arteries and veins that make up you

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Koi Fish, Cherry Blossom and Lotus Flower Tattoos – The Full Story on Japanese Designs For Women

Just about any style Japanese tattoo seems to currently be hot. Tattooing trends sure change from year to year and in the past few years that has been a real rise in the popularity of Japanese tattoos. Along with the rise of tattoos for women these seem to be two of the biggest trends in the market and two trends that are starting to combine. There are many women, girls and females out there that are getting some pretty pink Japanese tattoo designs inked on themselves including big Japanese sleeve tattoos, large back pieces and even more delicate and cute leg, hip and rib designs. So what do these designs mean and what is the symbolism behind them anyway?

While the symbolism behind any tattoo is not a hard or fast science that the symbol always means just one thing there are some common understandings that can be used. Symbols mean different things at different times and to different people. So what once was a symbol of something that is bad might now be worn as a badge of co

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