Prevent Childhood Obesity – The Long Term Effects of Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is not a reference to the pleasantly plump babies or the cherub shaped toddlers. The majority of children will begin life with the plumpness we expect to see in babies. These children will grow taller and will lose their “baby fat” as they begin to walk, run, and be more active.

Children that are considered to be obese are the ones who have a BMI (Body Mass Index) that is greater than 80% is considered to be obese. This means that a child who weighs more than eighty percent of their peers who are of the same height, age, and gender, is overweight.

A lot of people say that it is okay to be overweight before puberty because as a person reaches puberty they will automatically begin to lose the excess pounds. This does happen to some people, but it is not what happens to all people. A youngster that is considered to be obese is 70% more apt to be obese when they become an adult.

The longterm effects of childhood obesity can be broken do

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For Under $20 Turn Any Swing Set Into a Childhood Obesity Prevention Machine That Really Works

I live directly across the street from an elementary school in the western suburbs of Chicago. And like most elementary schools around this nation this one has a playground where the kids congregate before and after school, during recess, and on the weekends. And like most playgrounds, this one has a couple of four station swing sets on which the kids love to swing back and forth, again and again.

Now the interesting thing to a childhood obesity prevention enthusiast like myself is that with a few bucks (under $20) and a little know how, any swing set in the nation (playground or backyard) can easily be transformed into a childhood obesity prevention machine that really works, and I’ll prove it to you. Here’s what you’ll need in order to produce this minor miracle.

You’ll need:
o Measure the distance between the chains on which one swing is supported.(in my own case it’s 24 inches)

o Buy one piece of one inch pipe, that’

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