The harbour city of Sydney, Australia may not be the country’s capital but it’s still a city of majestic beauty and chic style. Located in Australia’s south east coast, in the state of New South Wales, Sydney is a holiday destination famous for its long days of sunshine, national landmarks and brilliant beaches.

As the site of the first European colony in Australia, Sydney is a city rich in the colonial heritage and history. Hyde Park Barracks and Elizabeth Bay House recreate the atmosphere of the first white settlers in Australia during the 19th and 20th century, as well as housing exhibitions on Australian history, ideas and culture.

The heart of Sydney is its two landmarks, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Built on the picturesque Sydney harbour, the opera house is one of the greatest performing arts centres in the world and a source of great beauty and wonder. Opened in 1973, it was designed by a Danish architect to represent the sailing ships of the harbour. The Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened in 1932 and is affectionately nicknamed the ‘coathanger’ because of its unique shape. Both of these landmarks run regular tours; however the best way to really experience the breathtaking architecture is to take one of the many cruises which run up and down the harbour daily.

A more natural side of Sydney can be found on Bondi Beach. An extremely popular tourist destination, Bondi Beach is a thriving cosmopolitan centre for sun, surf and fun. The crystal clear waters and white sand of this moon shaped bay are only rivalled by the first class restaurant and eateries which fringe it.

Sydney itself is much more than a place filled with iconic attractions, it is a city with a love for art and style. The city centre boasts some of the best shopping districts and nightlife in Australia. The Chinese Garden of Friendship demonstrates Sydney’s rich multicultural flavour, whilst the Sydney Markets are a perfect place to experience the friendly carefree attitude of the people and pick up some great souvenirs.

The city of Sydney is a modern metropolitan that hasn’t lost its natural beauty or green surroundings. It is not a city of stress or smog but one of rest and relaxation. A perfect holiday destination.

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