Reiki is a modality of healing. It is Japanese in origin, having been founded in Japan by Mikao Usui in the 19th century. It travelled to the USA with Hawayo Takata, who is the source of most Reiki in the world today. Now there are about 145 different kinds of Reiki, like flavours of ice-cream. The ice cream is still ice cream, and all Reiki disciplines have a number of things in common.

These commonalities include, but are not exclusive to, the following:

The laying on of hands for healing, whether by touching the clothed person or by doing it in the aura, the body’s electromagnetic field;

The five Reiki Principles, a set of principles to which the healer aims to live their life by, for a happy and healthy life;

The passing on of the Reiki healing status from a Master Teacher or Trainer to the pupil, either by a series of empowerments called Reiju, or by an attunement, or initiation;

The ability to trace the Reiki healer’s lineage from Master Teacher to Master Teacher, all the way up to Mikao Usui;

Channelling healing rather than the healing coming from the healer themselves;

The healer is not to direct the healing at anything, but channels the healing, and the healee does their own healing by absorbing the energy and allowing it to do its thing;

The healing is not a cure but for the Highest Good for the situation, for example, it can help someone help themselves to release or manage eczema, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or any condition, whilst on the other hand, a terminally ill person may use it to recover, have a better quality of life or die in dignity, whichever is the right thing for the Highest good;

The ability to receive healing from a distance, such as a client being in Australia and the healer channelling the energy in China.

Reiki literally translated means ghost energy or spirit energy.You may seen it also called Universal Life Force. It is non-religious and non-denominational. It is empowering for the client, because they do their self-healing; the healer is just there as a facilitator, a channel.

It is a natural and simple healing modality that has no contra-indications. This means that it is safe for anyone to have Reiki. If you have not tried Reiki as yet, why not contact your local healer or attend a class or workshop? If nothing else, you will satisfy your curiosity. Of course, I hope you will get more and be satisfied and content with your experience.


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