Top Ten College Admissions Myths – Exposed

There are several college admissions myths which should be exposed before you apply. These myths often scare certain students from applying to the best schools. Never limit yourself from applying to top colleges because you believe these things:

(10) Applicants are pre-screened.

Whether using the common application or a school-specific application, college admission offices have enough staff members to read your entire application. After all, you pay an application fee for a reason and colleges want to make sure you get your fair chance. However, if your application is incomplete or missing crucial components (essays, transcripts, or supplements) this might explain why it is rejected, or pre-screened out, before it reaches the full committee.

(9) You must choose your major and stick to it.

When you apply to college, admissions officers know your major is bound to change. In fact, many admissions offices have reported that the majority of t

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Can Online Learning be Cost-Effective?

Doing more with less is a common goal in business today, and that leads to some creative alternatives to traditional business practices such as employee training. That’s what makes remote mining an increasingly popular choice among many corporations. The use of the self-paced e-learning experience has grown tremendously because of the increasing costs in job training and conferences, as well as the growing importance of “quality” time spent on the job.

Web-based training is an “effective use of technology in a learning objective environment,” says Vince Rowe, general manager of the Americas for KnowledgePool Inc., a consulting and training firm based in California.

Although it is an alternative to traditional training, online training covers many facets in the corporate structure, including clinical training (new clinical procedures and laws), administrative training (word processing programs, new procedures or practices regarding the supp

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Do You Know Why English Has Attained the Status of International Language?

Most of you must agree to the fact that wherever you move around the globe, you will surely find someone who knows English. Isn’t it? Because of the growing dominance of the dialect around the world, the need for learning the same gets intense. Hence, it is necessary to communicate successfully in the global context.

The fascinating thing about the language is that people from different countries have different accents and pronunciations, but still it becomes one of the most preferred medium of communication that connects people of different nationalities. Just because of its global reach, the necessity for developing an understanding of the jargon stand out in today’s competitive era.

English Around the World – Factors Behind its Global Dominance

  • To Keep Up With the Pace of Global Business – The world is accommodating more of English speakers in the business community. In fact, any business meeting b

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5 Tips To Become A College Softball Player

If you have the dream to become a college softball player, then these five tips will help you. I was always told to put school first, that is why school is tip number one.

1. School will always be first. If it’s not first now, make it first. In most colleges and universities you are required to have a minimum grade point average (GPA) to not only stay on the roster, but also to play. In most cases your GPA needs to be a 2.0-2.5.

2. Know that you will make mistakes, but you will have to be able to flush those mistakes. You have to move on and not let a bad at bat interfere with you next at bat. You can think of it like you are flushing the toilet, you are not going to us the restroom and not flush the toilet. So if you have a bad at bat or if you make an error, “Flush It” like you are flushing a toilet. Once you flush it, it’s gone.

3. Practice doesn’t make perfect, PERFECT practice makes perfect. I know you think and you have been t

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Disadvantages and Bad Habit Woes of Online Education Learning

Bad habits are deeply rooted and their change requires a deeper understanding. In all my years of writing about the beneficiaries of online education learning I have come across several disadvantages of online courses.

Modern lives require high-end careers. Kudos to online learning for it has eased the age old conventions of higher education. Now career goals are no longer limited to the handful. Online higher degrees are meant to cater the educational needs at large.

  • Low Motivation – Acquiring online learning experience requires motivation, dedication and sincere endeavors. Students with low motivation and bad study habits can find it difficult to complete an online study. It requires self-motivation as the student has to study on her own and there is hardly any pressure from the part of the tutor.
  • Too Much Time – E-courses require more time than courses in colleges or higher educational institutions
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Learning a Foreign Language With a Speech Impediment

Overcoming Obstacles

Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language? Although there has been a language requirement in high school for a long time, experts have only recently begun to assert that learning a different language can have many benefits. In fact, it is now recommended that children begin learning another language as soon as possible, because most young children find it easier to learn at an early age, than adults and older children do.

Yet, many people find learning a language difficult, especially those with a speech impediment. A speech impediment can make even learning one’s native language frustrating-but it is not impossible to learn it with a speech impediment. All you need is practice, patience, and determination!

Why Take On The Challenge?

There are lots of benefits and opportunities open to you when you become bi-lingual or even multi-lingual. Multilingualism is seen as an asset in the business world. When a

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Antwaan Randle El Played College Basketball, Baseball, & Football For Indiana University Hoosiers

Antwaan Randle El is a unique football player because of the fact that despite being an exceptional quarterback at Indiana University he went on to be a very effective NFL player at the position of wide receiver. It is rare for an athlete to be gifted enough to play multiple positions at such a high level. Being able to excel at multiple positions on the football field is indicative of an athlete that is capable of excelling at multiple sports.

A little known fact about Randle El is that in addition to his impact on the football field he found time to contribute to other athletic programs while in school at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. While in college the high profile athlete also played on the basketball team for a season under legendary head coach Bobby Knight (1998-1999 season) and even played varsity baseball for the 2000 season.

Randle El was born in August of 1979 and demonstrated his impressive athletic ability at a very young age. Growing up in a pre

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Growing Popularity Of Online Education

Online education is becoming a vital component of the higher education landscape. The students as well as the employers are increasingly finding the worth in the various lectures that are delivered through a digital medium. Some of the best and reputed colleges are responding to the growing trend of online education by offering more and more courses online. The increase in the number of these online courses has rendered a greater flexibility in the choice of these courses along with the time and place of these courses. There are a number of reasons why professionals prefer online education over full time education. Following is a list of some of the most popular reasons:

Degrees that Cater to Immediate Skill Demand

The internet is flooded with a wide variety of online courses. Professionals working in a particular field at times, face situations where they need to go out of the box in order to solve a particular problem that they are not aware of, trained o

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Can You Really Learn A Foreign Language While You Sleep?

It really seems so easy. Just put on the CD or tapes, relax in bed and learn English (or another foreign language) while you sleep. Have you ever seen those ads that say, “Learn English While Sleeping” or that promise “effortless” language learning by listening to a tape or CD while you relax or take a nap? With the continual rise in the study of English as a foreign or second language, (EFL, ESL) progressive TEFL English and foreign language teachers, foreign language learners, and educational administrators need to be aware of the implications posed by claims of “learning English (or another foreign language) while you sleep. To better understand the processes involved let’s first look at each of them individually in turn. In this first part of the series, we’ll examine the elements of sleep.

What is Sleep?

The state of sleep is generally defined as “the resting state in which the body is not active and the mind is unco

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How to Choose Your College Major

Bear in mind that whatever subjects you choose in college, you will have to spend a great deal of time learning it. So, it’s advisable to think over it seriously. Typically, the best time to decide on your field of study is right before your 11th grade if you haven’t already.

Here is a guide to choosing your college major:

Choosing a Specific Career Path

If you already know which career you’re looking forward to when you graduate, it becomes easier to choose your specialized area of study. However, before you decide that you want to go down that career path, look into the relevant discipline. Check out the syllabus and subjects you will have to take on. Talk to students in the department of your choice. Are you sure you’re ready for the coursework involved?

Future Earning Potential

Pay scale can be a major factor for students who are planning to take out a loan for their education. Trying to pay it back while barely scraping

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