Recycled aluminum is useful in many areas of the manufacturing process. The American Aluminum Association states that aluminum is used in building automobiles, NASA is exploring aluminum for components of its next spacecraft, aluminum roofs are becoming more popular, aluminum siding has been used for years on home and mobile homes, aluminum foil has been used for years in food and packaging for pharmaceuticals, electricians have used aluminum wire in building homes since 1901 and there are probably many more left off this list.

The beauty of aluminum is that it is 100% recyclable. Aluminum is used repeatedly and never looses any of its properties in the recycling process.

There are many companies that recycle aluminum. Some melt the aluminum and sell the recycled product for cash. However, some purchase aluminum, melt it, mold it and use it in building all types of products.

One example of this is a company that makes the largest part of their products from recycled aluminum. Of products they make for gardens and patios, the majority is aluminum. A list of some of the products made is as follows:

  • Bird baths, hanging and pedestal
  • Bird Feeders; single tube feeders, twin tube feeders, and suet feeders
  • Clocks; clock and thermometer combinations
  • Decorative hooks; used in hanging bird feeders, bird baths, birdhouses, etc.
  • Eagles for flagpoles
  • Garden hose holders
  • Mailboxes
  • Personalized house addresses and names
  • Sundials; for ground or pedestal
  • Tea lanterns
  • Thermometers
  • Twilight lanterns
  • Wall eagles
  • Weather vanes

It is amazing how shinny and new old aluminum can look when recycled. It can be painted in many colors, some to look vintage and others to look new. The products you choose defines the look of your garden or patio any time of the year.

Some of the standard colors included; black, brown, gold, silver, red, blue, green, yellow and just about any combination of the primary colors imaginable.

The vintage colors that are, copper verdigris, oil rub bronze and French bronze.

There are a few reasons for purchasing recycled aluminum products. Of course, the obvious is the environmental concerns. According to the Aluminum Association, from all the aluminum ever used, 75% is still on the market today,

Then, there is the cost. Recycled products are less expensive to produce, making them less expensive to than those materials that are more difficult and costly to produce.

The point of having recycled aluminum garden and patio products is for price and the environmental impact recycling has on the environment.

Most websites that carry recycled aluminum products make a point of indicating that fact on their websites.

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