Most mornings I walk down by the river in my city. There are lots of people walking running and cycling. One man stands out, he is about 50 and is wears the full cycling outfit. Like a lot of riders his age his tight outfit struggles to contain his girth.

But the thing that stands out the most is that he stops at the same water fountain for a drink and then lights up a cigarette.

He draws long and hard as if to replenish some depleted nutrient which has been exhausted by his cycling.

I often wonder what he is thinking, he appears to enjoy the smoke and yet he makes the effort to cycle most mornings. This creates an internal conflict which means a lot of stress, from mixed messages.

This conflict is very common for many smokers, though usually not as public and obvious. Many smokers struggle with this separation of parts which is pulling them apart mentally.

I feel like speaking to this man but it is none of my business. Sure I help people to quick smoking but I believe that people are free to make their own choices, but I feel a little sad for this guy, I don’t really believe he is having fun.

So what is the conflict in your life, are you a yoga instructor who smokes, or a nurse or even a doctor.

Are you the parent who smokes outside while your toddler bangs on the door demanding your attention, of course we all need a break at times but if you feel guilty then this is just adding to your stress.

Smoking has become one big conflict for most people. Being told where and when you can smoke in public, the government treating you like a leper, while still raking in the massive taxes on cigarettes.

In Australia prices are positioned to rise to $40 a packet so there is an existing and growing conflict over smoking and being able to afford to do it. Many smokers simply can’t afford cigarettes but they give up important things in their lives to do so.

For so many smokers there are multiple conflicts, money, family, health, exercise or career. But as little as a single hypnosis session can set you free from the trap that was laid for you by the big cigarette companies back when you started on this dangerous journey.


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