I’m not a mind reader so I am often curious about what people are thinking when they are smoking. I’m even more curious when I see young people with a cigarette.

I can understand someone in their fifties who grew up in an era when smoking was cool and freely advertised in all forms of media.

But when I see someone in their teens or twenties I am really curious. So I’m going to guess, some teenagers are sick of being told what to do by all kinds of authorities and smoking is one way to rebel or stand out in the crowd.

Maybe in limited circles it’s still a way to fit in with peers. Teenagers with their bullet proof mentality tend to think that smoking won’t affect them and that they will quit easily when they are ready. Ignoring all the health advice and experience of older smokers seems to be a part of the, don’t tell me what to mentality.

Some young women in their twenties still believe that smoking will keep them thin. Sure smoking throughout the day instead of eating may result in some kind of weight loss, but bear in mind that smoking disrupts the liver’s ability to operate properly and therefore process fats.

So some short term weight management will lead to weight gain over time. Plus nicotine raises blood sugar which results in more insulin being secreted which intern pulls sugar from your blood and into your fat cells, where the sugar is converted to fat!

I’ve seen many clients as young as 25 who realised early on that quitting wasn’t going to be easy for them. My message to any young person who reads this, who smokes or is contemplating it that the best thing you can do is to think for yourself.

You don’t need to care about the opinions of the authorities in your life, think about yourself, be selfish about your health, stand up for yourself and say to hell with anyone who thinks any less of you for not smoking.

Make non-smoking a form of rebellion against the multi-national companies that sucked you into their trap and want to keep you locked in until you are sick and desperate. Then some of these same companies will sell you nicotine patches.

By smoking you are not a rebel, you are a pawn of the corporate man, just another sucker handing over your cash and your life.


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