Most smokers who find their way to my hypnosis clinic and tried to quit before with various success.

Some have tried many times, some succeeded for a while and some not at all. In life we try to make many changes, some stick and some don’t, but it is what happens after the failed attempt that is important.

  1. You try to quit and fail so you decide that it’s too hard to quit and that you may never succeed.
  2. You quit for a while and then start again and you call yourself a loser or useless or decide you are a failure.

Both of these responses make it harder to try again, because you will carry the baggage of failure into your subsequent attempts.

Or you take a different view of the situation.

1.You try to quit and you don’t succeed. You decide you just haven’t quit yet, and you realise that many thousands of people quit every year and so will you.

2. You quit for a while and then start again and decide that this is just feedback not failure. You look at the reasons you started again and ensure that you are prepared for such a situation again in the future.

These responses keep you in a positive frame of mind and help you when you decide to quit again.

The differences between the two are huge and will make a big difference in the future. It could be the difference between success or not.

Another tip which is important is that if you do quit and then start later is that you don’t wait to long before you do another quit session.

The reason is simple, if you slip and start smoking a few it will be quick and easy to stop again, if you act quickly, but if you leave it a few weeks then you are back to square one.

So when you decide to quit, take the position that whatever happens it is just feedback, by doing this you are already removing much of the anxiety many people experience when they try to quit.

This then frees you to focus on having a successful outcome, and when you turn up for your hypnosis session you will be well positioned to quit successfully. Words are powerful and they influence our actions and can strongly impact our success in quit smoking and in life.


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