In health terms what almost everyone likes to report after some intervention or action is that they feel better than before.

The faster that happens, the happier people are with their therapy. We are all in a rush and delayed gratification doesn’t work well for most of us.

Advanced hypnosis as a therapy has that exact effect of the majority of people. They come in to a hypnosis clinic, and walk out as a non-smoker. This is definitely a better than before experience. But as the television ads say, there is more!

Each week for at least the first month there will be more better than before moments. As you breathe more easily, and your energy increases, you are better. As your purse or wallet remains much fuller each week, that is certainly better.

Of course most of the changes will go unnoticed, because they are subtle of you simply don’t get a strong feedback from that part of your body.

For example, your brain, It doesn’t register pain, so you won’t notice that the inflammation is reducing in your grey matter.

In-spite of most people claiming that smoking helps them to think, which of course it doesn’t. Filling your brain doesn’t make decision making easier. It was taking the time to just stop and look at the problem that did it.

You may notice that your brain fog is lifted and that you have more mental energy, this will happen even if you don’t realise it because there are many dietary factors involved that can keep the fog in place.

Obviously you will notice that your lungs are less aggravated, but it’s easy not to consider the better than before factor for your heart, liver, kidneys, in fact every organ and right down to every cell of your body.

There is however another better than before factor. It’s your self-esteem and your emotional wellness. There will be no more hiding your smoking from family, friends and co-workers. No more gathering in a lane way or an out of the way spot in a city or new a restaurant. No more making new smoking friends in a circle around the bin, or having to be out in the heat or cold or rain.

You will never have to see your family enjoying themselves while you smoke outside, or stare into the eyes of a young child peering at you from the other side of the glass

And that is certainly better than before.


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