The happiest place on earth gets even happier when the day goes well! If you’re planning on taking the whole family out for a memorable day at Disneyland, there are a few things you’ll want to prepare in advance so that the day can run as smoothly as possible. So make sure your daughter has decided if she wants to dress as a Cinderella princess or a Snow White princess, pull out the park map, and get ready for a few quick tips on how to make your day an extra special, and sane, one.

Where will we go? This is one of the most important decision to make, and is typically best done before you even head to the park. Having a general idea of how your family wants to interact with the park will help they day be less chaotic. If you have older children, you may want to split up in the morning, and meet up for lunch and spend the remainder of the day together. Do your kids want to spend more time in TomorrowLand or in their princess Disney costumes shopping in the Sleeping Beauty castle?

Check out a Disney map online if you can. If not, check with your kids. See if the family will be splitting up, and suggest meeting together for a meal. You can discuss the latter half of the day over lunch. The Pizza Parlour by Space Mountain is a popular place for kids to eat.

Before entering the park, make sure the family has agreed on a designated meeting place if anyone gets lost or separated from the group. There is a “lost children” place in the park, if you choose that as your destination.

What should you wear to the park? To wear a princess Disney costume or not? Little girls love to go to Disneyland in their Cinderella princess costumes or in a Snow White princess dress. While you don’t want to get the let Cinderella princess or Snow White princess dress get dirty, letting your daughter dress in her princess Disney costume brings an added benefit of fun for your little girl. She’ll love having her picture taken at the Sleeping Beauty castle and when she meets a Princess in the park she’ll sure to be excited that she’s in a princess Disney costume too.

Don’t worry about the dress getting dirty, you can keep an eye on it during the day, and the memories of your daughter truly feeling like princess all day will make up for the wear and tear on the dress.

For the rest of the family, check the weather before going, and make sure to encourage family members to wear hats and sandals or light jackets, whatever the weather is predicting. You want everyone to be as comfortable as possible! Having a second layer (a light coat or a long-sleeved t-shirt) is a good idea if you plan on staying in the park during the evening as temperatures cool off.

An enjoyable necessity, eating at Disneyland adds to the enjoyment of the day. If you’re looking to keep on a budget, pack your snacks and plan on eating out only for meals. There are a variety of restaurants to choose from at Disneyland, from casual hot dog stands to the fine dining cuisine inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. To enhance your experience, choose one place that your family is comfortable with (like a casual hot dog place) and another than may put you out of your comfort zone, like Ariel’s Grotto or another fancier restaurant.

Just remember to have patience, take pictures, and get ready for an enjoyable day together as a family!

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