Point Park University is a relatively small private university which is situated in downtown Pennsylvania. It is one of the few private universities in the state that pioneers and specifically focuses on liberal arts degrees. With its unique approach to education, Point Park University is able to prepare its students for their future careers and the big world that they are yet to partake of.

Academic Programs

All undergraduates of the university have equal access (once their eligibility has been proven by the university’s different schools) to the university’s academic degrees in:

1. Education and Community

2. Humanities and Human Sciences

3. Journalism and Mass Comm.

4. Natural Sciences and Eng. Tech.

5. Criminal Studies and Intel. Studies

6. Business

7. Performing Arts

Graduate students, meanwhile, are given the following options:

1. Business

2. Arts and Sciences

3. Performing Arts


College Education is never complete without athletic programs. Admission to Point Park University entitles every student to have a chance to participate in any of the following sports programs:

Women’s sports:

1. basketball

2. cross country

3. soccer

4. softball

5. volleyball

Men’s Sports

1. basketball

2. baseball

3. cross country

4. soccer

Tuition Fees, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

For a comprehensive list of tuition and other fees such as room and board costs, simply visit the university’s webpage.

The university provides its student population several opportunities for financial aid in the forms of:

1. scholarships (may be merit or athletic scholarship)

2. loans

3. grants

4. student employment

5. payment plans


For other pertinent information on how you can apply to financial aid and scholarships, visit the university’s website.

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