Cat Repellent or How to Keep Cats Out of Your Garden

Do cat repellents work? How to stop a cat from using garden as litterbox? Tell me how to keep cats out of my garden. These are common questions of concern to all gardeners but is there a real answer?

The first line of defence is to ensure that your yard boundaries are secure. Any gaps in your fence should be blocked to deny low level access. But cats can jump so fix a taut wire or string some six inches above the top of your fence to deter this approach.

Once inside your garden many people say that the best cat repellent is a dog who will soon see off any feline invader. If you are not a dog lover then you will have to resort to more passive methods. Since cats like to lie on freshly dug soil you should lay mulch on your borders so that no bare soil is left exposed. Seed beds should be covered with wire netting or twigs arranged as a barrier.

Young trees should have plastic guards fitted around their trunks to protect them against use as a scratching pole.

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Hand Shy, Head Shy – 7 Steps to Help Your Dog Overcome This Behavior

Many dogs, more often than not puppies that have not been handled by the breeder, or animals that have been abused, or are rescued from shelters shy away from hands. This is especially true of a hand going toward their face or going over their head. Unfortunately, they cannot tell you what negative experience they had with human hands. Many perceive this action as a threat. Usually, some form of abuse, lack of socialization or neglect, is the cause of this heartrending behavior. Never grab at a dog with this behavior issue. It can cause them to become more apprehensive, and/or possibly aggressive! Fearful dogs can be dangerous dogs. Be patient. You can help them overcome this fear, and make a positive association to your hand.

What You Can Do To Help Your Dog Overcome Hand Shyness:

1. When approaching your dog, approach slowly, and at a slight angle. By approaching at an angle, you will not appear as big and threatening, than if you approached straight on. You may also

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Fishing With Night Crawlers – Tips That Will Help You Catch More Fish

Ever since “fishing” became popularized, live worms and specifically nigh crawlers, have been being used to catch fish and with good reason. Almost any species of freshwater fish will readily bite a night crawler that has been impaled onto a fishing hook. The biggest problem with using live worms such as this for bait while fishing is that the bait often gets ‘stolen’ before the fish is hooked. In this article I will outline a few tips that will help anyone catch more fish when they are fishing with night crawlers.

Live worms have been my “got to” bait of choice when fishing for almost three decades and in that time these tips have enabled me to be more efficient and effective anytime that I am fishing with this incredibly effective type of bait. The first tip is to use an appropriate portion of the worm itself. Think about it, a night crawler is a fairly large chunk of bait especially when it is rigged up and many of the freshwater

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A Guide to Lamb Tail Docking

The process of docking a lamb’s tail is one that is followed by many farmers, most commonly for hygiene purposes, but it is not always necessary in all breeds. However, the process is regulated by law so it is important that farmers follow the necessary regulations in order to avoid prosecution.

The majority of farmers will dock a lamb’s tail in order to avoid the build-up of faecal matter which, if left, could cause health problems, an expensive veterinary bill or even death. Therefore it is a process that is regularly performed, although some breeds will not require docking and it is stated in law that tail docking may only commence if not doing so could cause problems in later life.

To reduce the amount of stress and discomfort the animal will experience, which is very little, farmers will dock a lamb’s tail as soon as possible after birth. The law states that a rubber ring, the most common method, may only be used without an anaesthetic during the

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Helpful Advice on Caring for Senior Cats

Sooner or later, your beloved cat will start to get old and experience physical changes. This typically occurs between the ages of seven and ten. However, some are fortunate enough to stave off major changes until approximately 12 years old. Whenever the time finally comes though, you will need to make a few changes in how you care for your pet. Keep reading for useful advice on caring for senior cats.

Most owners take their cats to the vet for an annual exam. Older cats need to be seen by the vet more often than their younger counterparts since the risk of problems has increased. It’s best to schedule a wellness exam every six months.

You will also need to change what you feed your senior cat somewhat. Seniors who become less active but are still fed the same amount of calories will more than likely become overweight. Obesity is particularly a problem for seniors, so a veterinarian-approved diet would definitely be in order.

When caring for senior cats, a

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Dogs in Divorce: Multiple States Recognizing Pets in Family Law Cases

Most people who own dogs and are close with their animals view the pets more like family members than pieces of property. These are reciprocal, loving, highly connected and involved relationships between dogs and the people who care for them. Mourning the loss of your dog alongside the loss of a long-term relationship in the form of a marriage is an emotional double whammy.

Therefore, it perhaps shouldn’t come as a surprise that some states are now recognizing family pets as more akin to people than property when involved in divorce proceedings. Still, these are groundbreaking developments and it’s worth taking a closer look.

In 2017, Alaska became the first state in the country to pass a formal law on the matter of pets in divorce cases. Their statutes indicated that the court is required to take the animal’s wellbeing into consideration during a divorce case. This is as opposed to merely treating a pet like a financial asset or piece of property to

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Types Of Farm Gates

Farm gates are popular in the countryside. If you own a ranch or if you grew up in a farm or ranch you are probably familiar with these types of gates. Ranch and farm owners have several reasons why they install these gates. One of the most common reasons is to keep livestock out of the premises. This will prevent one ranch owner from accusing his neighbour of stealing his cattle or shop. Another reason is to set a boundary between two neighboring properties.

Farm gates do not really cost a fortune and if you are a wise buyer, you can probably save on the materials as well. You can choose from the various types of gates. To help you with that decision here are some examples of farm gates.

Five Bar Field Farm Gate

This is the more traditional one. This type has been around for years. In fact, most farms in the countryside use this type. The five bar field gate is made from tanalised timber because this is more durable and lasts longer than regular timber. This ga

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Keeping Aquarian Fish Healthy

My first aquarium was set up in my teens and comprised the normal cold water gold-fish. They didn’t survive long for some reason and the exercise of keeping fish as pets was soon abandoned. Years later, however, when my shop opened it was the tropical fish that took my fancy. They made a great addition to the flowers and other things that were retailed as part of my landscaping designing and florist business.

As an importer of these gorgeous creatures it wasn’t long before my keen mind had learned enough about them to be able to advise purchasers of their needs. With all the accessories they require on hand the display units made a wonderful display at the rear of the plants and other outdoor products.

With the lights on most of the time and the tanks decorated with weeds and rocks it was a lovely experience. The fish were lively and colourful. Along with the bubbles floating to the surface it could not help but draw people’s eyes.

As the large

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How to Stop Your Dachshund From Chasing Cats

Dachshunds were bred to hunt and catch badgers, so it should be no surprise if you hear about a Dachshund chasing cats.

Dachshunds often chase cats, or indeed any small animal because they see them as trespassing into their territory.  Most Dachshunds are not looking at the cat as their next meal, rather just want to get them out of their territory.  Most of the time the cat runs away, which reinforces the Dachshund’s behavior, meaning they will chase the next intruder that they see.

There are some Dachshunds who chase because they want to play, but it is a brave cat who stands their ground against a dog.  Cats that do stand and fight are often in great danger, especially against an opponent like a Dachshund, bred to find and kill badgers, creatures much more substantial than a domestic cat.

Stopping a Dachshund Chasing Cats

It is important to understand that you will likely never completely stop your Dachshund chasing cats.  It

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My Dog Won’t Shut Up! How to Stop a Barking Dog


Yapping dogs are perhaps the worst nightmare of any person living next door. These are typically toy or small breed dogs that tend to sit at the gate and yap sun-up till sun-down. This article will explain why these dogs are doing this and what you can do if you are the owner of a yapping dog.

Reasons why a Dog Barks Non-stop

Dogs that bark persistently are bored most of the time. There are rare causes like obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD) that cause prolonged barking episodes, most owners want veterinarians to diagnose OCD as the cause for their dog’s bad barking behaviour because there is no real treatment. These owners are often in denial and do not want to face the fact that they have a bored dog. Here are some of the reasons a dog will bark continuously:

  • Boredom is the most common cause. This is often built up energy that the dog has due to inactivity or lack of socia
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