Sphynx Cat – Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning a Sphynx

Now is your soul-searching time. It is really important to think through very carefully – and honestly – if you are in the best position to adopt a Sphynx (or indeed any pet). Besides shelter, nutritious food, and your time, your pet will require adequate medical care. This is one of the greatest responsibilities that applies to being a pet owner. If you feel that the time is not right to provide all four of these pet care factors, then you are not ready to adopt a Sphynx. A common question that people ask when considering adopting a Sphynx into their household is: “What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Sphynx?”


  • Sphynx cats do not shed because they are hairless. In fact, they have a fine layer of downy fur on the skin which is almost impossible to see.
  • Sphynx are incredibly loving and provide companionship more than most cats.
  • Sphynx blurs the traditional boundaries bet
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Why Do Dogs Get Stuck Together When Breeding?

Nature is truly amazing! Nature has made a way to ensure that impregnation will occur in canine reproduction. If you have never seen mating dogs, you probably would worry that your beloved pet will be harmed because some of them would whine and appear to be hurt while staying stuck together end to end. Helping the dog by separating them could do more harm than good.

When canine copulates, the male dog would mount the female from behind. A cooperative and receptive female would move its tail to the side and allow the male to get a good hold. This is called flagging. The act of reproduction in canines is a lot different from humans. A dog’s penis is not erect when it enters the bitch’s vagina. Penetration is achieved because a small bone inside the penis called baculum holds the penis rigid.

Once penetration is achieved, the bulbus glandis, an erectile tissue situated at the base of the penis swells with blood and traps the penis inside the bitch’s vagi

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Pros And Cons Of Owning Your Own Alpaca Herdsire

For new alpaca owners, there are pros and cons to buying your own alpaca herdsire. An “outside” herdsire is a male stud alpaca that you do not own, and which resides at another farm. He is “outside” your farm.

Many new alpaca ranchers choose to NOT purchase a herdsire because the females in their starter herd come with a free “breed-back.” That is, the seller allows the new owners to bring the females back for one or more free breedings. Otherwise, the new owner would have to purchase stud fees, or own their own herdsire. Free breed-backs save the new owner money that can be invested in ranch facilities and other aspects of their alpaca business.

Breeding to an Outside Herdsire

Even if your starter-herd purchase contract includes free breed-backs, at some point you will need to purchase the stud services of an outside herdsire. You might want to purchase stud services for the following reasons:

  • You
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5 Tips For Fish Pond Maintenance

One of the best things that individuals can include into their backyard is a fish pond. This will make the landscape of any garden appear more tranquil and beautiful. But the work that goes into having a fish pond does not end once the fish has been dropped into their new home. Fish pond maintenance means routinely cleaning and taking care of the fish pond!

Here are some easy to follow tips for fish pond maintenance:

1. Building a fish pond entails more work than just digging a hole in the ground, and filling it with water. The first thing individuals have to do is use a plastic lining to separate the ground from what to become the fish pond. This way the debris and soil nutrient does not get into the pond.

2. Including an assortment of plants inside the fish pond, and planting it around the edges will help manage and absorb the nutrients in the fish pond. Some water plants will also help to control the presence of algae. Not only does plants decorate the fish p

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Dogs Do The Darndest Things! – Part 1

This is Part 1 of a two-part article which describes some strange and funny things that dogs will do at home which may amuse you.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of having a dog in their house must wonder at some of the antics they see every day. I’m giving my age away when I mention that Art Linkletter used to say “Kids say the darndest things”. Well, dogs do the darndest things also.

Just think about it – when you are watching TV and see a dog being hugged by someone or if they do something funny or even goofy, who can’t help but smile. Think of the reaction of most patients to a therapy dog in a hospital. You can’t help but being emotional.

So here are a few things that dogs do that will either annoy or amuse you. I hope you enjoy them. By the way, the quotes are around what your dog might be thinking.

  1. It’s Saturday morning and time to sleep in – except your dog has other ideas. &#

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Cats Claw Supplements As Holistic Medicine

Cats Claw is a medicinal Herb from the Forest of Peru. It has attracted a lot of interest in the quest for natural health care. The plant is vital in the treatment of arthritis, allergies, diabetes, bursitis, lupus, chronic fatigue, cancer, depression, herpes, menstrual irregularities and stomach and intestinal disorders.

The Peruvian rain forest herb has been used to treat ulcers and cancer for over 20 years since its discovery.

Things to look for in a Good Supplement Drug

The ant-inflammatory drug compounds of cat’s claw have proven to be efficient in the treatment of arthritis and other joint ailments. The anti-cancer drug components explored in research on the mutagenic capacity to form bind in test smokers’ urine. The Unique cat’s claw alkaloids improve the immune system.

The alkaloids have an effect on the ability of white blood cells to overwhelm and digest harmful micro-organisms. When isolated from the natural ingredient, Alkalo

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3 Must-Try Campfire Fish Recipes For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Tired of eating the same food at the campground over and over again? Try cooking fish over your bonfire – it’s easier to cook but is equally satisfying (even more when it’s fresh). Most of all, it gives you a break from your usual menu of breakfast meat and eggs. Fish is way healthier, too! So the next time you go camping or fishing, be sure to try any of these campfire fish recipes:

Camp-Style Fish Tacos

What you need:

For the fish:

  • 6 tortillas
  • 2 snapper fillets
  • 1/2 lime
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon chilli powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin
  • Hot sauce, for serving (optional)
  • Potato chips, for serving (optional)

For the corn salsa:

  • 2 ears corn on the cob
  • 1/2 lime
  • 1/2 red onion, chopped
  • 1 jalapeno
  • Handful fresh cilantro, minced
  • Salt

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Enjoyable Investing In Central Texas Ranch Land

One long-term investment that we made and have enjoyed over the past twelve years is rural central Texas land. Historically, land has increased in value over time making it a viable long-term investment. To quote the beloved humorist Will Rogers: “Buy land. They ain’t making any more of it”. Land, like any other investment fluctuates in value, but it has typically been a solid investment over the long haul. The ever-growing population of the world continues to rise. It makes sense that more food will have to be produced in order to feed the increasing population. Land prices should be on the rise again soon, and it appears to be an opportune time to invest in rural acreage before prices begin to soar here in central Texas. Ultimately, as world population increases, so will the demand for farm and ranch land. This was actually one of our deciding factors when we chose to invest in central Texas ranch land. According to an article in the September 2011 issue of Realt

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Tips on Entertaining Indoor Cats

Most cat lovers are advocates of interactive play with their pets. However, many of them cannot be around all the time. There are surefire ways to let your feline friends have fun, yet stay safe when you cannot be there to supervise them.

Adopt a Friend

Contrary to what other people say, cats are not loners. They are social animals that love to have a friend, especially when they are adopted with another as a youngster. Two cats can entertain one another when you are not present. They battle each other rather than focus on ripping your sofa.

Provide Cheap Pleasures

Cats don’t care about the money you spend on them. They can find entertainment in an empty box or paper bag. When you leave a ping pong ball in an empty bathtub, they will enjoy patting their paw. The tub also prevents them from booting under the furniture. Go for lightweight toys that make noise and are easy to bat around. Adding cat trees or tunnels keep cats occupied and enrich the sur

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Probiotics Benefits for Family Dogs

Symptoms in Dogs that Indicate Probiotics Could Help

If you have owned a dog for even as little as a few months you may have already been alerted to the terrible sound of doggy-dry-heaving, and vomiting. Or the mess of sudden, unexpected diarrhea that trails through the house. The longer you have been a dog owner, the more episodes you have likely experienced. The caring owners we are, we offer love, and reassurance and clean the mess. But are we helping protect our dog from these unfortunate symptoms? Could we be doing more proactively?

Signs and Symptoms Your Dog Could Benefit from A Probiotic Regime?

• Diarrhea

• Nausea and vomiting

• Flatulence

• Abdominal bloating

These signs and symptoms of more obvious, you can see the problem. As caring owners it is unsettling to watch our fuzzy buddies struggle with such discomforts. Intermittent diarrhea is very common in d

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