Circumcision has long been a practice filled with controversy, and that seems to become even more contentious as time goes on. There are some who swear by circumcision as a way to alleviate the many problems a man can suffer with penis health as he grows older. However, there are also those that decry circumcision as destroying a man’s unique penis sensitivity, and in some cases, the practice is even seen as mutilation – it’s a surgical procedure that a man cannot consent to at a young age, but something that will affect him for the rest of his life. No wonder the issue is so fraught with concern!

But there is one area where much of the public and physicians agree: Those who are uncircumcised often have more penis health issues than those who are circumcised. This is thanks to the foreskin, which preserves full sensitivity for the man but can also cause problems for some. From a foreskin that is far too tight to one that is adhered firmly to the penis to the simple issue of good penis care and hygiene, there are several potential problems – but good penis care can come to the rescue quite nicely. Here are some of the issues – and some of the solutions.

Hygiene issues. A man who is uncircumcised must take penis care to a whole other level, as he has to carefully clean underneath the foreskin every time he showers or bathes. To ignore this step, even once, can lead to redness, irritation, and possibly infection or fungal growth in the warm, dark area beneath it. Gently pulling the foreskin back all the way for a good cleaning is something a man must always remember to do.

Phimosis. But what if a man can’t pull the foreskin back? This condition, known as phimosis, is when the foreskin is too tight to pull back. It can be especially awful during intercourse, as it can lead to difficulty getting an erection and can pull on the surrounding skin during that erection, thus leading to pain. Men who suffer from phimosis might be able to help themselves through gentle stretching exercises, as led by a physician. The last resort will be circumcision.

Oversensitivity. There has long been a debate about how much sensitivity circumcision reduces for a man, but there is little doubt that the uncut penis can be incredibly sensitive – so much so, in fact, that some men suffer from hypersensitivity. This can mean they have difficulty during sex, as they ejaculate too quickly, or it might be as simple as feeling pain when their penis rubs against something as soft as the cotton of their underwear. A moisturizer can help with this, as can gently massaging the area on a daily basis until they are more accustomed to the sensation.

Greater potential for sexually transmitted infections. Those who are uncircumcised might experience a higher level than normal of infection contracted from partners. This is suspected to be caused by the foreskin, which can trap in fluids from sexual activity and thus make it more likely that certain infections can take hold. That’s why it’s vitally important for an uncircumcised man to avoid unprotected sex unless he is in a truly monogamous relationship, and even then, take careful time to clean out underneath the foreskin after any sexual activity.

Maintaining Good Penis Care

Paying close attention to good penis care is a must for any man, but the uncircumcised fellow will need to go a little further to make sure he does all the right things for his penis. The pursuit of that should include a good penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil , which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin). A man should look for a crème with strong moisturizing properties, such as vitamin E and Shea butter.


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