Florida, the Sunshine State, boasts many attractions. The development of Cape Canaveral after 1950 and the starting of Walt Disney World in 1971 brought the state into the limelight. Walt Disney World attracts many tourists from all over the world. In addition to these, there are plenty of golf courses that also catch the attention of tourists.

The Disney complex covers about one hundred twenty-two square kilometers and is about thirty kilometers southwest of Orlando. Walt Disney World has an Animal Kingdom, Disney MGM Studios, Epcot, Magic Kingdom and several large Resorts. The Greater Orlando area covers universal Orlando; that is, Sea World of Florida, Marine Animal Park and a large Water Park. Lack Haven Park contains Art, Science and History Museums.

When there are so many things to see and enjoy in Orlando, a casual visit will not do. A planned visit could bring maximum satisfaction in every respect. For this purpose, vacation homes are highly recommended. Orlando vacation homes give maximum comfort and facilities at a cheaper price than hotels, and provide facilities like large and spacious bedrooms, toilets and kitchens. These have spas, swimming pools with hot water, recreational facilities and more. Besides these, cable connections with television sets and Internet access at reduced prices are also provided. These vacation homes are well furnished and well-maintained. Orlando vacation homes are all set to give customers more comfort, peace and tranquility at a lower price. These make the stay pleasant. This is fit for newlyweds, retired couples or anyone who really needs a home away from home during their vacation.

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