Yes, old McDonald had a farm, but today that farm is much different than it was back in the past. Currently in the summer of 2012 we are told that we have a huge drought condition in the Midwest which is hurting crops and ranchers with livestock. There is a good chance they will have to take all these animals to slaughter early rapidly increasing the supply of meat therefore lowering the price. It’s not going to be a good deal for them. We hardly want our ranchers and farmers to go out of business because we are already in economic hardship in the United States.

Many in Washington DC tell us they have the answer, they want to put forth a farm bill to help. Of course, we know that many of these gigantic omnibus type bills running through Congress are things that our Congressmen never read, are full of pork (no pun intended), and even the titles don’t match what’s in the bill. Okay so let’s talk shall we?

There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal, an Op-Ed titled; “The Farm Bill Is No Such Thing” by Marlin Stutzman and Michael Needham published on August 2, 2012 which stated; “Some 80% of the agricultural law goes to food stamps.” The article also noted that we spend a whopping $80 Billion per year on the food stamp program – ouch, that’s significant. Yes, I suppose giving away free food will help the Democrats get “free votes” but as they expand this food program one has to ask what the end game is, as we can’t give free-food to everyone, can we?

The article above also noted that the food stamp program has one in seven people on food stamps, but did you know that one in three or four American adults are considered obese? So, I ask who is feeding this herd anyway, worse, who is paying for it? That’s right the taxpayers gets to pay for it. Oh it gets worse my friends, as in what happens when we take away that free food?

Remember, we will have made people weak, reliant on the government, unable to fish for themselves, and a society and civilization is only 3-meals away from chaos – so, beware the mob, and that mob mentality when they get hungry for some more Pop Tarts, Soda, Ice Cream, and Cake using their little free food credit card.

Now then, as a political analyst I am rather bothered by all this because it is business as usual, there is a lack of transparency, and it’s as if they want to pull a fast one over on the American people and engage in spending taxpayers money to their crony capitalist friends under the guise of being yet another socialist program to win friends, influence people, and get the votes needed to stay in power.

This is not supposed to be what America stands for, it’s wrong, and I think anyone who realizes what’s going on here inherently knows that. The question is; when is all this nonsense going to stop, and when are we going to get back with the program, and make things right? Please consider all this and think on it.


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