Our naturally good vision is a gift of nature that we have to keep and protect to the best of our abilities. It is getting harder for the modern person to have good eyesight without wearing glasses and contact lenses. A lot of external factors have a great strain on the eyes.

We live in a world in which information is everything so we use our eyes much more intensively. The stress also contributes to the deterioration of the vision. This in turn also puts pressure on the brain and headaches and other problems begin to appear. The good news is that there are simple eye exercises and natural methods that can improve vision.

By devoting no more than a few minutes a day to these methods you will achieve a natural eyesight improvement in many respects. You can successfully include the exercises in your yoga practice. If you feel that your vision is more negatively affected due to the nature of your work, you can even do the exercises every hour or two hours. The natural vision improvement methods do not require any particular facilities – you just have to find some privacy so that you can relax better and not be embarrassed by the odd looking actions.

The exercises themselves are not more than ten to twelve depending on the method you are choosing. Most require just looking in different directions and focusing on close and distant objects. It is a good idea to start the series with closing your eyes and putting the palms of your hands on them for a few seconds. This so called palming is the first step of the famous Bates method for eyesight improvement. As a result of the eye exercises your eye muscles will be more elastic and stronger and the tension on the eyes will be removed.


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