Want to learn the art of mentalism? People do it for different reasons. Some are intrigued by what they see in theaters or on TV and want to mimic them for fun while others want to perform the art in a professional manner.

It does not matter which group you belong to. Here are some tips to get you prepared on your path to learn the art of mentalism.

1. Pick up the skills from experts

Picking up the skills from experts can be expensive especially if you want to consult top magicians like David Blaine, Criss Angel and the like. And you may not be successful at all.

2. Pick up the skills and tricks from guides

Of course, another way to do so is to pick up the skills of the trade is to learn from guides. We know that there are some professional guides that show you how to perform different tricks and are good enough to make you look like an expert mentalist. These guides are often much cheaper than becoming an apprentice to a master.

3. Mastering basic core skills

If you wish to really learn the art of mentalism, picking up the basic necessary skills should be your top priority. Presentation, persuasion, magic and card tricks, misdirect and concealment are part and parcel of the overall deal for a performing magician.

4. Practice and spar

Practice makes perfect. As a start, try what you learn on your family members and friends. Ask them for honest opinions about your performance. This is crucial if you want to stage your own show later. You are not ready until you have passed the criticisms made by these people.

At a later stage, spar with another fellow magician and ask for pointers without forcing him or her to reveal his secrets. Sparring will help you to improve.


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