Renter’s Insurance – Rip Off or Rewarding?

An often pondered, yet rarely considered device that may or may not be a good idea – Renters Insurance is surely a phenomena once uttered in your presence. All too often, it is regarded as if applicable to all or none, with no middle ground. “Renters insurance is a good idea”… or “renters insurance is a rip off;” heard either one? Thought so. Oh, how generalities plague market demand.Anyhow,I will take an unusual approach, showing how to determine if renters insurance is a good or bad idea for YOU….specifically.

A brief overview: What is it?

Insurance of the renter exists to protect the belongings of inhabitants who do not own the dwellings in which they reside. Additionally, it diverts the financial risks of liability to the insurance company, meaning if an accident occurs on your rented property for which you are legally liable, the financial damage will be incurred by the insurer (the company). Examples here include

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Air Conditioner Maintenance – The How to Do It Guide by Homeowners Insurance Folks

There is a science to anything that goes wrong: things gone awry usually do so at the wrong time!

Ask the property and homeowners – landlords and renters as well – and they will emphatically tell you that, yes, when the air conditioning system goes, it’s generally during a heat wave, during the hottest times of the summer season!

How can the sorry situation be prevented? Your surest bet is by “taking the bull by the horns”. Begin a maintenance program that is consistent as it is proactive, say the cooling experts who are in the know.

Of course, the insurance agent who helped your with your home coverage will nod his head about this in total agreement. That’s because even though your plan may cover AC equipment breakdown in general, air condition claims that arise due to a lack of care will never be covered! To the indemnity industry, if you don’t take care of your home AC, it’s your liability (aka your own fau

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What Does Homeowners Insurance Cover?

Every homeowner should realize the importance of homeowner’s insurance policy. Homeowners insurance policy not only protects the homeowners from man-made and natural disasters, but it also protects you from several other situations.

The basic homeowners insurance policy pays you in case of any damage due to fire, severe storms, tornados and hurricanes. Damage to your property, possessions and home are primary elements to be covered. Coverage provided by the policy is not the most important aspect; the most important aspect is the amount they provide in case of any disaster.

Lost of possessions like furniture, electrical appliances, jewelry, clothing are also generally covered by some of homeowners insurance policies, up to a specific percentage of the policy.

Liability coverage protects you in case you are responsible for someone else’s injury or property damage. In such cases home owners insurance will soon provide you minimum 18,000 USD as coverage

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Best Homeowners Insurance Companies: What Perks and Benefits Do They Offer?

There are so many good things about owning a home: you can fix it up and sell it for profit, rent it out to someone else to earn income, or simply live in it yourself and never have to worry about rent. The downside is that there is insurance to consider. There is a variety of coverage options depending on where you live and what kind of house you own. What is it that the best homeowners insurance companies offer?

When shopping around for house insurance quotes, you need to know exactly what needs to be insured and what is included in the policy.

Some of the things you might need insurance for include:

• Protection for the dwelling itself, as well as any other buildings on the property like a storage shed or detached garage.

• Protection for the contents INSIDE the dwellings, like electronics, jewelry, furniture, appliances, etc…

• Protection from any possible hazard that can cause harm to your property and contents, such as fi

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Home-Sharing Nightmares: Are Airbnb and Other Hosts Protected by Homeowners’ Insurance?

You probably never stopped to consider whether your homeowners’ insurance would cover property damage or liability claims caused by someone who is renting your house. Why would you? After all, the last thing on most people’s mind is how an insurance policy will respond to some, unknown future loss.

Home-sharing services like Airbnb and HomeAway have turned a lot of ordinary homeowners into part-time innkeepers. The Pew Research Center found that 11% of American adults have used home-sharing services. Airbnb alone boasts of having over 3 million listings worldwide.

This means that a growing number of you actually need to stop and consider whether claims involving renters are covered by your homeowners’ insurance. Unfortunately, the excitement and opportunity created by new business models make it too easy to overlook the downside.

That being said, there’s always a downside. For example,

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Homeowners Insurance Policy Quote Guide: What You Need to Know About Standard Coverage and Add-Ons

While you might not necessarily “legally” have to have home insurance, there is really no good reason NOT to have at least some type of coverage. After all, for the average person, their home is the most important asset – even more so than any vehicle. Even if you’ve already paid off your mortgage, it’s still in your best interest to search for the ideal homeowners insurance policy quote.

The basic components include coverage for the home and structures (electrical wiring, heating, plumbing fixtures, external fixtures, and so forth) as well as contents (furniture, electronics, clothes, plants, etc… ) What is it all protected from? This varies from policy to policy. However, it typically protects from common threats such as fire, theft, and water damage. There are certain regional threats that might require coverage, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, heavy snow, or tornadoes.

Since even small streams could potentially become ranging ri

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Tips for Finding High Risk Homeowner’s Insurance Companies

For every homeowner, getting a reliable homeowner insurance policy can be a great step in the right direction. However, it is noteworthy that many homeowners to do not qualify for the common insurance policies while some normally find the insurance premiums to be highly unreasonable and therefore they end up being locked out. Any homeowners who have been categorized as a “high risk” should for this reason consider finding high risk homeowner’s insurance companies with which to work with although this should come as the last step towards insuring your home.

When is the high risk home insurance coverage important?

There are many reasons as to why many people are targeted as high risk by the insurance companies. One of these reasons could be due to the poor credit rating which makes it hard not only when it comes to the search of an insurance company but also in many other important day to day engagements. Anyone with a bad credit rating should ho

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Why Do You Need Homeowner’s Insurance?

The biggest single investment most people make in their lifetime is buying a home, condominium or townhouse. What you want to do is protect your home, personal property and any type of liability with a homeowner’s insurance policy.

Homeowner’s insurance just does not cover homes, but it will cover those who rent homes, apartments, condos, and townhouses. These homeowner’s policy are referred to at renter’s homeowner policies. If you are a renter, you will not need protection against damage to the building itself, but you will need protection against damage or theft of your personal property and any type of liability just in case someone falls or gets hurts on the part of the premises that you rent.

A condominium or townhouse owner may also purchase a homeowner’s policy to insure against loss of personal property. The condominium and townhouse owners also are responsible for the inside of the condominium or townhouse. You are not responsibl

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How the Renter or Homeowner Can Thwart a Thief

If you rent an apartment, your chances of being victimized by a thief are arguably greater than a private homeowner because of the relative ease of access into the building. But make no mistake about it. The risks that homeowners confront are monumental as well.

Thieves can try to enter your rented or owned property in the event you are in or not. Of course, it’s all the easier if you are away on vacation.

This article first focuses on methods the renter can take to prevent becoming victimized.

How a Renter Can Avoid a Break-In:

1. Ask your insurance agent what type of renters insurance makes the most sense for you so that you will be adequately protected from any theft loss or associated damages.

2. Know who your neighbors and landlord are in order to be able to recognize who does not belong in the building.

3. Ask your landlord if its OK to place extra locks on your door as an added measure of security against an illegal en

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Tenant-Occupied Home Insurance – Must Read for Landlords!

The best referral any insurance agency can ask for is its track record.

Laizer Schonbrun, insurance agent par excellence, works for one of the fastest growing agencies in the United States. He relates the following success story in regard to a tenant occupied account.

“I really felt bad for the owner of a tenant occupied home. He called us on a whim and complained about how his bank had forced a specific insurance policy on him. Not only did the coverage seem inappropriate, but the associated premium was very high.
“As always, I was there to help anyway I could. I got to work scouting my agency’s network of underwriters and in less than a day, I found more coverage that was more apropos at an extremely competitive quote which I bound. Thereafter, I forwarded the new insurance information on to the bank.

“In my day to day experience, this was just another insurance success! For the new client, it was a day that spelled relief and a m

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