What Type of Insurance for Mudslides?

For the uninformed, mudslides are mud piles that slide down a mountain or hillside or any vertical slope. Composed of mud, stones and rocks as well as general debris, it can cause much damage to homes and property. With the force garnered by gravity, a mudslide can rip out trees, power lines and anything in its path.

While most feel smug about mudslide safety, a mudslide can occur suddenly – particularly in localities where there is a great deal of rain, fast melting snow and resulting flash flooding. Areas where wildfire has eliminated trees, brush and vegetation are most prone to a mudslide disaster when excessive rain or snow melts occur.

Property and homes in the path of a mudslide can be devastating. Recent polls in fact indicate that there is anywhere between two to four million dollars of property damage per year in the United States as a result of mudslide occurrence.

It is important for the home, business or property owner to realize that standard

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House Insurance Cost: Summary of Home Insurance Policies, Coverage, Quotes, and Discounts

Homeowners insurance is a type of insurance policy that protects owners against damages and losses caused by perils such a burglary, fire, lawsuits from visitors getting injured, extreme weather, and so forth. Your entire life can change in a minute. What if your house suddenly burns down? Or a once-in-a-lifetime flood or tornado comes through to destroy it? You’ll be protected as long as you are smart with house insurance cost and the policy you choose.

If you already have homeowners insurance, it’s a good idea to review your policy each year with your financial advisor to make sure you still have sufficient coverage to meet your needs. You can always add on to your policy at any time to reflect the changes on your house and property, such as remodeling, renovation, landscape changes, and so forth.

As with any type of insurance, people take the time to shop around and get different quotes from various companies and compare what is included and the prices.

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Homeowners Insurance Quote Summary: A Few Important Things to Look for and Consider in a Policy

Homeowners insurance can be quite complex, but you can simplify it somewhat with the right resources. The first thing to understand when searching for a homeowners insurance quote is what exactly it will cover. Typically, a policy breaks down to cover your home’s structure as well as any other structure on your property, your liability for any other person’s injuries sustained on your property, and many of your personal belongings, such as furniture.

Some policies might offer coverage for more, while some might offer coverage for less. It’s important to keep this in mind when doing research and comparing policies. Make sure you’re not comparing apples to oranges. For instance, Policy 1 might be $40 cheaper every month than Policy 2, but as you read the details about each, you might find that Policy 2 offers more coverage, deductible options, or maybe in both.

Read about each and every insurance provider as well to learn more about them and how t

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Home Insurance Explained

Congratulations! You’re about to become a full-fledged homeowner. Before you let the drawn-out home buying process pass and you begin to bask in the first moments of home ownership, be sure to be on top of the home insurance process.

After putting so much time, effort and money into buying your new home, you’re going to want to be sure your home has the proper coverage it needs.

Of course, you probably are not even sure of the type of varying coverage you need.
While there’s standard insurance for homes, every home and every homeowner has individual exposures that need to be addressed. And while insurance can seem like a thorny process, if viewed as piece by piece coverage, it is easier to understand.

The insurance people sum up six chief forms of coverage so that even a layman can make sense of the information.

The Six Essential Forms of Homeowners Insurance

1. Your dwelling coverage: This coverage protects you from damage

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Emergency Tree Removal

It is a fact, hazardous weather conditions can cause trees to fall and create extremely dangerous situations. For this reason, declining trees that cannot be saved or dead trees in close proximity to residential properties should be removed before a windy storm can potentially knock them down. Every year, a significant number of trees fall on houses, automobiles, buildings, structures, power lines, etc. Many homeowners who face the unfortunate occurrence of a tree that has fallen and damaged their property are frantic and unaware of what to do. They think, hm…

  • Is this covered by my insurance company?
  • Is this my neighbor’s tree or my own?
  • If my tree falls into my neighbor’s yard, am I responsible and liable for the damage?
  • What about damage to my own property – am I covered?
  • Is a local tree service available immediately to remove the large tree that fell on my house?
  • How long will it take to fix t
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Best Priced Homeowners Insurance Info: Factors to Consider When Deciding on the Ideal Coverage

Identifying affordable home insurance that offers a lot of value at a reasonable price isn’t an easy process. Still, you can reduce some of the difficulty by searching for quotes and knowing how to compare them properly. It’s never a good idea to rush into things. Don’t just sign up for the insurance plan with the cheapest premiums. First, take the time to determine how much coverage you’re going to get with each plan. The best priced homeowners insurance for you will be the one that offers the exact kind of coverage you need at a price you can afford. Also, you’ll want to consider how much money it will cost to have your home rebuilt in a worst case scenario, NOT how much its market value is currently worth.

The point of carrying insurance for your home / property is so that you will be taken care of during rough times, whether your house actually burns down to the grown, a thief breaks in and steals your jewelry, or a flood ruins your yard and

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Do I Need Extra Coverage on My Homeowners’ Policy If I Have a Pool?

Having a pool is a dream for many homeowners. After all, a pool can be the main attraction for families during their summer vacation. However, swimming pools and hot tubs are considered an attractive nuisance because of the increased chances of injury or death linked to pool accidents.Your homeowners’ policy does face a higher premium due to the elevated risk of an accident that could arise in a home that has a pool, as opposed to a home that doesn’t have one.

Homeowners’ insurance policies usually include basic liability protection that covers the costs of medical care for others injured at your home. Pools, particularly in-ground pools, come with considerable risks, especially when it comes to children… whether they have been invited to swim in your pool or not! Accidents on your property put you at risk for liability, for medical claims and or potential civil lawsuits.

Thousands of people are injured each year in pool-related accidents and th

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Does Home Insurance Protect Against Skunk’s Smell?

The frigid temps of winter have got us shivering even if we do layer on the outerwear. The one saving grace of this awfully suffering climate is the sanctuary called home.

Ah, home, every man’s castle, where each one of us can take comfort from the freeze of this brutal season!

Considering the above, imagine one family’s grief upon returning home from work during a particular cold spell. The welcoming they encountered when arriving at the doorstep was not as welcoming as they would have liked. A horrid odor accosted their nostrils: the unmistaken putrid stink of a skunk.

Holding their noses, the family members attempted to locate any sign of black fur with a white strip running through it. No visible sign – thankfully – of the dreaded species. But the undeniable powerful reek of a skunk’s spray was there – everywhere – in every nook and cranny – on all three levels of the structure!

Braving the cold again, t

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How to Protect Family and Property From a Hurricane

According to the weather specialists, hurricanes can appear anywhere from June 1 to November 30. Given the statistics of damages and losses, it’s exceedingly wise to incorporate the proper steps that help stem related devastation to human life, home, business, car and any other property you own.

While homeowners, renters and business owners should systematically procure appropriate insurance coverage, it is those who live directly in the line of storm danger that need to ensure their policy covers all angles of possible risks. To this important end, coastal property owners should go over their plans carefully. Enlisting the service of an understanding independent insurance agent will be of added benefit. He or she should be able to candidly tell you about any discrepancies while advising you how to fill in the gaps so that you will have the necessary coverage when you need it most.

Most certainly, your insurance agent will stress the importance of making copies o

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Homeowners Insurance: Does It Cover Bedbug Damages?

Since just a few years ago, bedbugs have become a real problem in commercial hotels, motels and residential homes. I personally know of someone who was a guest at a friend’s home. Little did the hosts know that they actually had a problem of bedbug infestation and neither did my buddy. Unfortunately for him, some of the pests actually hid themselves in his suitcase while he enjoyed his brief reprieve only to relocate to his mattress when he returned home.

Finally, when my friend experienced incessant long-term annoying itching, he began to notice a chain of bites on his arms. That was when he decided not to waste any more time in receiving medical attention. Jumping into his car, he drove to an after-hours medical center to be examined. The prognosis was clear as day although the hour was way past the sun’s setting: my friend’s itchiness and rash was professionally diagnosed as bedbug bites.

Lest you think his ordeal ended easily, allow me to enlighte

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