Spyware is the software that collects information about

your online activities and preferences. The information is

then sent to another computer with the intention of selling

it to online advertisers.

Spyware and adware can enter your computer through e-mail,

downloads or instant messaging. This is a frightening

prospect for anyone, who uses the net frequently or

constantly downloads products and services online. It is

upsetting to think, that someone may be watching your every

move, when you are online.

What is Adware?

Adware is software that displays advertisements like

banners and pop-ups on your computer. It may also track the

preferences of the user without his knowledge. If ad ware

keeps building up, on your computer, you may face a deluge

of pop-ups, banners and search tool bars, making it

difficult for you to work.

Adware infection may change your homepage repeatedly.

Mysterious toolbars may appear on your browser. Your

computer may run at a noticeably slower speed or there may

be other mysterious changes on your computer.

What Are The Signs Of Spyware?

If your computer shows any of the following symptoms,

spyware or some other malicious software may have infected


* Spyware and other malicious software may add additional

toolbars to your browser, which you don’t want. Even, if

you delete them, they will appear again, each time you

restart your computer.

* Pop-up advertisements may appear whenever the computer is

turned on, even when you are not online. Some of them may

be for adult or other objectionable sites.

* The computer’s settings may change mysteriously. Even if

the user changes the settings back to the earlier settings,

they may revert repeatedly to the new settings. Malicious

software may change your homepage or search page settings.

* Spyware and other malicious software are not designed to

be efficient. The process of watching a user’s activities

and displaying advertisements may noticeably slow down, the

functioning of a computer or even makes it crash.

If spy ware or ad ware infects your computer, don’t

despair. You can use any of the free or paid spy ware or ad

ware elimination software products, available to detect and

eliminate them.

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