Even teenagers and young children these days do find themselves asking the question “Why am I overweight?” According to experts, incidence of childhood obesity is continuously increasing. With busy parents who are not so much involved with their children’s extra-curricular activities, it can be quite difficult to find time to make sure that your children is getting the proper nutrition he needs.

Childhood obesity can result to physical health and mental problems. A child who is suffering from obesity is much more likely to have a low self-esteem as compared to a child who has an ideal weight. Now if you think there is nothing you can go about it, then you are mistaken. Parents, for one, can help improve their children’s health and get their weight under control.

So, why am I overweight? The first step to dealing with childhood obesity is communication. Parents must approach their children and talk about the importance of getting their ideal weight. Although they are already aware of their current condition, addressing the issue will certainly go a long way in making them understand the changes they need to make. As parents, adults have the responsibility to explain to their children the importance of eating healthy. In attempting to address the problem, you should never blame your children about being overweight. Inspire them as you set goals that they will need to achieve in the next few months.

Many parents might be tempted to force their children into cutting back their food intake right away. According to experts, this is not the right way to lose those excess pounds. For one, overweight children must not be restricted when it comes to getting the proper nutrition that they deserve. Parents should be able to create a well-balanced meal plan that will allow their children to enjoy their favorite foods without compromising their health and weight. A healthy meal plan will always allow the children to indulge in their favorite food every once in a while. Once they see the results, they will be motivated to continue eating healthy meals while being able to enjoy good food. Giving these children the liberty to eat what they want to eat will help reduce the cravings that they have.

The next step is to get your children to deflect their attention away from video games. For one, you should allow them to get enough exercise in order to lose all those excess pounds. Most kids these days love to sit around and watch their favorite television show but if you force them to get outside and engage in exercise, you will are helping them get back to their ideal weight. You can also try to arrange play dates with your children’s friends and make them perform fun activities such as running around or playing games. Kids love to play games and these fun activities can be a form of exercise that will help them lose weight.

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