The presence of couples unable to conceive is a problem that has grown in the last few decades. Earlier, this issue was barely there and has emerged on the surface some years ago. About 15 percent of couples experience the problem in conceiving every year and that’s not it! The census is constantly growing.

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive even after indulging in sexual activities without taking any precautions. It was made sure in a popular study done by experts that on an average, about 38 percent of times men are responsible for the problem, about 52 percent of times women are responsible and in the rest of the cases, both the sexes are guilty.

However, technology has overpowered even the biggest of problems and now it is possible for every couple to be blessed with their children. This article talks about the various solutions or ways with which men can rule out the problem and be capable of conceiving.

1. Avoid tight men’s underwear: The first thing first and it is about changing one’s habits. Men should stop wearing men’s underwear styles that can cause a lot of heat buildup down there. As it is stated in many researches and studies, men’s brief underwear can cause problems and heat in the privates. However, the only solution if you love briefs is that you must make give time to your manhood so that it breathes well. Choosing other apparel styles like male thongs or fashion jockstraps for men would be a better idea.

2. Reduce the level of stress: Stress is probably the biggest problems, both men and women face. It leads to all the newer problems, including lower sperm count. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”! This statement is so true in the modern concept where work takes most of the energy and time, and by the time you think of enjoying yourself; you’re almost drained. A proper sleep with a relaxed mind is all what you need to reduce the day-long stress.

3. Abstain from smoking and alcohol: Some of the trendiest things/habits prevalent today among men as well as women are smoking and alcohol. According to one study, “men who smoke have 27% fewer sperm than men who don’t”. Likewise, alcohol elevates the level of estrogen in the male body that adversely affects the sperm count. Hence, abstaining from these two habits will lead you on the path of betterment.

4. Exercise regularly: Whether it is for the sperm count or your overall health; exercising is a very important part of your life. The more your body is open to exercise, the better your intimate organs function. Exercising regularly would help you produce more testosterone that leads to more sperm count. Make sure you indulge in exercises that you love and abstain from working out more than your body allows. This has adverse effects and causes testosterone deficiency.

5. Eat a lot and eat healthy: You must be thinking why these two contradictory statements were made together. Eating a lot would include all the junk food that has carbohydrates and fatty acids, which are supposed to be avoided. On the other hand, make sure you take in a lot of green vegetables, fish, and meat, eggs, cashews, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. These foods are rich in the ingredients that will help your body function better and produce more sperms.

These are some of the many things you (men) can adopt in order to increase their sperm count. Apart from these, there are medical facilities, both homeopathic as well as allopathic that can help you have a happy family.


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