Children are growing up too fast these days fro anyone’s comfort. They seem to learn faster and as long as it is limited to this all parents seem to revel in the thought that their child is a fast learner. But this also implies that they will enter start behaving like teenagers much sooner. Teenagers seem to grow up and change from playing to dolls to applying make-up almost overnight. It sometimes comes as quite a shock to the parent who has not been looking hard enough.

The media and exposure to a vast area of information has fermented this change that is occurring in our teens today. Teen magazines have a particularly high impact on the mindset of the teens and they seem to be enamored by the information that is provided on the latest pop stars and models. Teen magazines have changed over time to cater to the growing curiosity of the children. Earlier these magazines talked about the favorite color or the favorite attire of a celebrity but now they publish relationship facts, make-up tips and hair tips to lure the teens into trying these themselves.

They no longer give the ethically right message of waiting for the right person to come along to take the plunge but discuss ways and means of attracting the ‘hottest’ boy in town and how to get him and keep him. All this talk puts a lot of pressure on the teen girls to have a ‘guy’ who is ‘in’ with the times and to flaunt him. This leads to a lot of issues with more and more teens trying to imitate the pop stars and celebrities. They yearn for the skinny, emaciated look and diet and a large proportion get anorexic. They worry about a bad hair day and want to miss school if they even have a tiny spec of a zit on their face.

The clothes and accessory stores actually abet the cause by providing the latest clothing, the size of which ranges from small to extra small. The choice of accessories is so large from among a range of attractive and eye-catching range that it becomes impossible to decide what to buy.

The teen boys, however, have not been so influenced by the teen magazines are quite happy with their involvement in sports, bikes and mixing decks. They do get interested in and attracted to girls at a younger age these days but are not overly attacked by the corporate world with accessories, clothing and make-up.

Even as the parents protest about the influence that the ten magazines have over teen kids and the irresponsible manner in which the corporate companies are behaving, these protests are refuted by the companies under the pretext that these magazines are meant for the sixteen plus kids. In fact, these companies want to make the best of this trend and try and lure teens into more and more consumerism and model aping to make higher profits and earn more money.


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