Do you know anyone that enjoys dealing with the stream of daily bills? I don’t.

For the average person, home and car expenses are enough of a headache. When insurance policy premiums join the list of associated costs, the payout hassles become even more of a colossal hassle.

You may think there is no alternative. But I’ll let you into a little secret. Think you have no choice in the matter? You bet you do. And it comes in the form of bundled insurance!

Bundled insurance? You ask. What’s that?

Although doing your part in investigating the varying forms of coverage and the attached price tags that come along with them can get you a policy that may be cheaper than others, there is another way to find even more significant discounts. According to most insurance companies, you can save big bucks by combining two different forms of coverage under one plan. If you ‘bundle’ your home insurance, for instance, together with your auto plan, you can take advantage of this phenomenal option.

Why do the insurance providers offer such motivation?

The insurance industry is like others. Competition breeds ideas to get clients to stay with them. By presenting a plan that covers your home and car – as well as your boat if you happen to own one – at a great price, the particular company will be buying your loyalty. To them, the offered savings are worth the price of customer fidelity. Naturally then, everyone becomes a winner. The company by securing your as their customer, and you by locking in a great quote.

But there’s more to the deal that meets the average eye. By signing the dotted line of a bundled home and auto policy, you glean additional bonuses. Not only do you win by saving a bundle of money, but you get the comprehensive coverage needed and the multitude of bills that generally were part of your daily mail is reduced to one simple bill that incorporates the cost of home and auto insurance. Of course, keeping track of renewal dates also is simplified this way. Because you will have combined what technically can be classified as two different forms of protective coverage into one all-inclusive plan, you will have condensed two dates into one renewal date: home and auto are renewed together!

Need further evidence that this is the money-saving way to go?

Home-Auto Insurance with a Bundle of Cost-Cutting Savings


A home and vehicle owner decided to go with a bundled plan. He was overjoyed to discover this saved him $1,200 for the year!

A condo owner went for a combined condo-auto insurance policy, giving him savings of $500 for the year!

Another homeowner listened to his independent insurance agent and opted for a bundled home-auto plan. He raked in a year’s savings of $900.

Incidentally, you can get a bundled policy for your home and car, as well as your truck, motorcycle, boat or any other vehicle or watercraft, as well as a life or financial plan.

Learn more about bundled insurance from your independent insurance agency.

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