With the economy being as bad as it is many people have lost their homes due to foreclosure. There are millions of people who have lost their jobs. If this scenario sounds all too familiar and your bills are piling up such as credit card bills, car loans, home loans, doctor bills and regular household bills you may want to look into contacting a list of bankruptcy lawyers to see if bankruptcy is a viable option for you.

Before you start calling your list of possible bankruptcy lawyers you will need to gather all of your bills together. You will need all of your most recent bills and any past due bills that you can find (see examples below). You will need to get a credit report done so you can see what your credit report shows about your finances. You can go online to Google and type in “Free credit report” There are a few companies that offer a free credit report but they make you join a service that will watch your credit report for unauthorized charges on your credit report, which is called credit monitoring. You will need to cancel your membership within the time frame or you will be charged a monthly fee.

You will need the following bill copies if they are applicable to you:

  1. Phone bills (even your cell phone bill)
  2. Electric bills
  3. Mortgage papers or Lease documents
  4. Car loan finance contract
  5. Hospital bills
  6. Credit card bills
  7. Any collection notices

You will also need:

  1. 4 months of employment check stubs
  2. Any other documents that prove your income
  3. Bank statements for the last 4 months

Now you can start calling your list of bankruptcy lawyers to set appointments. When you go see the first lawyer from your bankruptcy lawyers list, they will ask you a lot of questions because they need to get an idea if it is even possible for you to file for bankruptcy. These questions are very important and you will need to tell your lawyer the complete truth you should not omit anything about your personal finances. The lawyer will not be able to tell you for sure if he can help you right away he will need time to evaluate your case information. Your attorney will refer you to a credit counseling agency. It is a requirement to see a credit counselor before you can file for bankruptcy. If you qualify for bankruptcy your lawyer will have you sign the beginning paperwork he will also let you know when your first court date will be.

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