Choosing the Right Mulch Color for Landscaping: 3 Things to Consider

Modern mulch is extremely sophisticated, and every landscaper seems to have their own preference for which type they like best. This necessary tool for landscape design is simultaneously beautiful and functional, adding a sleek look to a yard while protecting plants from heat and moisture loss.

Whatever your preferred mulch type, you know your customers want something in their yards that fits with their home’s aesthetic. There are a wide variety of mulch colors available on the market, and mulch colorant suppliers can add nearly any color to wood, rubber, and aggregate.

With all the color options available, how do you help your clients pick the one that fits? Make sure that you and the client consider these three factors as you choose the colored mulch:

  • The style of the home
  • The type of plants in the yard
  • The client’s personal taste

By letting these three factors influence your-and your client’s-decision

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Water Fountains Are Awesome – Guess Why?

These are the reasons you will benefit by having a fountain in your personal space.

Many of us look for that time where we can find peace of mind and a break from real world worries. It is proven that the different sounds of water can provide you with the relaxation that you need.

Fountains come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. You are sure to find a fountain to fit your personality and tastes whether it be western, modern, contemporary or otherwise.

You are also able to position your fountain anywhere including inside the home, your patio, backyard, or garden giving you the flexibility you need to find the perfect flow in your decorating.

Fountains are aesthetically pleasing for you, your family and visitors to your home. Watch as little kids stare in awe at how the water trickles in each unique fountain. (This keeps them busy for a while anyway.)

The sounds of water are proven to be a soothing stress reducer, so placing a founta

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How to Come Up With Awesome Landscaping Ideas

When searching for backyard landscaping ideas, always start with your family. Make sure it’s designed for everyone to enjoy and not just for one individual. Far to often we hear complaints from spouses and other family members that they wanted it done differently. Your family is the most important aspect of the decision process and should be thought of first and foremost. Now that we all understand what is the single most important aspect of it all, let’s get to it.

There are some really good landscaping designs for you to consider, but first let’s start with a few landscaping basics. As I stated earlier, it all begins with your family. The trick is to design a plan that is best for everyone while taking into consideration the size and the type of yard that you have.

An excellent starting point for your backyard landscaping ideas & designs should include the use of evergreens. Lots of folks like to use deciduous trees in their yards and that is ok

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Recycled Aluminum in Outdoor Patio Products

Recycled aluminum is useful in many areas of the manufacturing process. The American Aluminum Association states that aluminum is used in building automobiles, NASA is exploring aluminum for components of its next spacecraft, aluminum roofs are becoming more popular, aluminum siding has been used for years on home and mobile homes, aluminum foil has been used for years in food and packaging for pharmaceuticals, electricians have used aluminum wire in building homes since 1901 and there are probably many more left off this list.

The beauty of aluminum is that it is 100% recyclable. Aluminum is used repeatedly and never looses any of its properties in the recycling process.

There are many companies that recycle aluminum. Some melt the aluminum and sell the recycled product for cash. However, some purchase aluminum, melt it, mold it and use it in building all types of products.

One example of this is a company that makes the largest part of their products from recy

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Different Types Of Stones For Your Lawn And Landscape

With granite, pebbles and other permeable materials, you can definitely give your garden design some textural boost. Stones will actually serve several purposes like lending textural appeal and solving drainage issues. Moreover, it comes in various forms and colours.

Stones You Can Use For Your Landscaping Project

Decomposed Granite – This is a granitic rock weathered to a point of breaking into very tiny pieces. This is among the ideal options for rustic patios and pathways. It can also act as topdressing around arid plants. People choose this because it is relatively inexpensive. However, it can be hard for you to remove weeds. Also, it can easily be inserted at the bottom of your shoes.

Crushed Granite Gravel – This is closely related to decomposed granite; however, it is heavier and rougher. It actually has larger particles. This is a perfect choice for patios and walkways. Most

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Pergola, Ramada Or Gazebo – What’s the Difference?

If you are in the process of designing your yard and landscaping, you are probably looking at outdoor structures. These options can provide shade, entertaining space and general ambiance to your property. However, if you have begun to look at your options, it’s likely that you are a bit confused. Should you chose a pergola, ramada or gazebo? What’s the difference between these choices and which will best meet your needs? There are some distinctions that you can recognize in order to help you make a more informed decision.


Traditionally, a ramada was a structure erected to provide shade, usually roofed over with brush or branches. An open walkway or porch was also known as a ramada. In modern construction, however, a ramada is a structure used to provide shade, with a fully covered roof. It usually matches they style and material of the home.

A ramada is ideal for an outdoor space that is designed to be an extension of the living environment.

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Poolside Landscape Design

A pool round the corner of the garden can really make a lot of difference in enhancing the beauty and look of the landscape. However, the correct positioning and the factors crucial to the design of a poolside landscape, have to be kept in mind while opting for a decorative pool.

The space chosen as the area to build and design a pool is very important and thus, should be chosen carefully keeping in mind the right proportions and the overall area of the house. This spacing and designing again may vary depending on the look and styles such as formal, radical, classical or simple. The materials chosen to use as the border of the pool should be water friendly. The plants and herbs chosen to decorate a poolside landscape are usually the sort that do not grow tall or spread themselves too much. Leaves falling from these branches may make the water dirty and make the cleaning process more difficult. In case of big plants and trees, it is advisable to place them at a considerable di

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How to Do Landscaping on Your Own

Yes, you don’t need to be a professional landscaper in order to do your own landscaping, but here are some tips and rules to follow before heading out to your outdoor space and starting your own landscaping project:

Make an evaluation of your skill set

If you have some experience with DIY projects and with gardening, then you are ready to dive into your new outdoor space design project. If you are completely unfamiliar with this kind of work, it is best to spend some time to look at and study different landscaping projects, ideas, plans, photos, and videos before you start our own project. Start small, and as you build up your confidence, you can move to larger projects.

Get to know your personal style

Plan and sketch your landscaping ideas before proceeding. Make them in accordance with your personal tastes and style. If you want to make some improvements and minor changes to your outdoor space, then you can start

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How To Choose Plants That Complement Your Outdoor Water Features

Creating a beautiful garden or patio takes a little planning so that no feature is overlooked while all components work together, whether a water fountain, koi pond or any other water feature. Using flowers and plants to frame and accent outdoor decorations will create a harmonized area that’s also pleasing to the eye. There are many options for matching or complementing a fountain, but here are some tips to get you started.

Outdoor patios or pool areas that use marble, concrete, stone and tile can appear hardened and unwelcoming. Potted plants and ferns can be placed in corners, on side tables and along the edge of a pool or walkway to add some color without detracting from the classic look you want to achieve. The plants and ferns will add some luscious green in contrast to the dull stone or concrete with simplicity. Likewise, if you have a colorful tiled fountain, you certainly don’t want to pull focus away from it. Stick with greens again by using broad leaf p

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Spring Is the Time to Plan Your Landscaping

Homeowners thinking about landscaping this spring have heard the many phrases about “home”. It’s where the heart is, it’s the castle, and it’s sweet. We agree with them all, with the exception of one – there’s no need for it to be ever so humble.

Thoughtful landscaping will add color, warmth and texture to the place you love. From growing flourishing shrubs, to colorful annuals and perennials, to deer-proofing the garden, there are many eye-catching ways to make your home inviting and appealing. Great landscaping ideas include variety; adding height, creating spaces where you and your guests can sit and relax, inclusion of stunning hardscaping, fountains etc. Yard landscaping should be both attractive and functional, so let your imagination go.

Google the words “spring landscaping ideas” and you’ll be overwhelmed by everything you find. You can look at portfolios for ideas. Tip: Homeowners should explore lands

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