Minimalist Home Interior

Minimalist home design, with very little and simple furniture, has impressed many people. Many a time the way we value our home, the way we furnish and decorate a home with carefully selected decoration, reflects the character of the owner. Though it looks simple, minimalist home design can also be comfortable, it is not about removing personality and comfort from your home, however, minimalist home design presents a stress-free environment by storing the majority of necessary items out of sight and removing all clutter, arranging the pieces of furniture and offer them a simplistic aspect, making them both spectacular and functional. Minimalist home interior enhances your overall home appearance without wasting so much money and space.

If you are kind of person with a minimalist sense of style, you can have a serene and organized living room, for example. You can make things a lot simpler, if you can decorate your home with minimalist viewpoint and you will feel much more com

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Interior Designer Elsie de Wolf – A Rebel in an Ugly World

Elsie de Wolfe referred to herself as a “rebel in an ugly world.” During Elsie’s heyday from 1926 to her death in 1950, the rest of the world just called her Lady Mendl.

In 1913, Elsie wrote what may have been the one of the first great books on interior design, The House in Good Taste. She became well known in New York, Paris, and London, and was believed by some to be the person who first invented the profession of interior design. Whether or not that’s the case, Elsie de Wolfe could include some very influential people among her clientele, such as Ann Vanderbilt, the Duchess of Windsor, and Adelaide Frick.

Elsie’s decorating style often featured light, fresh colors, and she was responsible for brightening the interiors of some of the most impressive Victorian homes of her era. She was NOT a fan of the dark nature of traditional Victorian décor, and worked diligently to change it as much as possible.

Interestingly, Elsie d

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The Importance Of Lighting In Interior Design

How you light your house is an important part of redecorating. A change in the lighting can change how the room is viewed. Lighting interior design contributes greatly to the look and feel of a room. There are many types of lighting which can be used in various rooms. We are no longer restricted to a few lamps around the room.

Ambient lighting is a hidden light source that washes the room with a glow. This creates very few shadows and tends to flatten a room. Japanese paper lanterns and wall sconces both produce ambient lighting. For temporary ambient effects, use a dimmer with your ordinary lighting.

Accent lighting provides interest to a room. This method of lighting interior design highlights and object or architectural feature. To use accent lighting, you only need a bulb and a shield to direct the light to the desired focus. Halogen spotlights and opaquely shaded table lamps both provide accent lighting.

Another kind of lighting used in interior design is t

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How Will You Begin to Decorate a Room?

At present, interior decoration has emerged as an important medium. It helps to customise the overall look and feel of a residential room. Do you wish to transform the existing environment and appearance of your room? Obviously, decorating the interior room portion is a good idea. When planning to start any interior decoration project, just concentrate on certain things. These mainly include:

1. Assess prevalent condition

The decision of interior decoration is certainly correct on your part. However, you have to first thoroughly assess the existing condition and then choose the ideal layout patterns to ornament the room to achieve the desired effect.

2. Installing suitable items

Depending on the room size, you have the opportunity to install items like sofa, writing bureau, recliner, carpet etc. Currently, there are many online living room accessories suppliers from where you have the chance to avail such products at a comparatively lower price.


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Interior Design Ideas to Bring Luxury and Opulence Into Your House

Many home owners confuse luxury and opulence with filling in high-end accessories and expensive décor items in the house. This is clearly a wrong assumption to make as it needs a touch of creativity and ingenuity to transform the interiors into elegant and stylish spaces. With right ideas and a bit of imagination, even an ordinary home can be made a pinnacle of luxury and visual splendor. So, no need to compromise with the inviting and comfortable look-and-feel of the spaces and you can also consult an expert lend a unique and exquisite look all along.

Here are some of interior design ideas to bring grandeur and opulence into the spaces –

Mirror on the wall

Bring a touch of royalty to the décor with an ornately framed mirror on the wall. This great idea will help on two levels – first, it can make the room looks spacious and second, it can lend visual lavishness of matchless variety. Plus, it won’t cost beyond the manageable level for

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Finding Bathroom Decor Ideas

Bathroom can become one of the trickiest areas of your home to decorate. The good thing is that there are so many bath decor magazines which full of bathroom decor pictures and ideas for you to draw influence from. At this time, this article is going to deliver some information that will guide you in finding bathroom decor ideas. So, just take a look at the following information below.

The first thing that you should do is to determine about the style you are looking for. For your consideration, you can take a look at a country bath decor theme or the nautical bath decor theme. Actually, a good way to look at different ideas is to pick up a few Bath Decor magazines from the local book store. One of the most favorite magazines that you can take a look is Bathroom Trends. It will help you to find the idea to choose decor for your bathroom.

The second thing is to visit a few bath decor show rooms. These places commonly have full bathroom sets that built in many different

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Cheap Interior Design Information – Key to Home Design Project

Before beginning any home interior design project, whether it’s a major redesign or just some minor changes to a room or two, gathering cheap and pertinent interior design information will help you with identifying all the new techniques and latest trends and organizing your ideas to create the look you want to achieve.

Cheap Interior design is creating a functional and appealing space through a room’s walls, windows and doors, lighting, furniture and furnishings. Online websites have a wealth of cheap or free information to assist you in getting started with your project.

One piece of helpful and cheap interior design information that can be found online actually addresses the very first step to any home project. Before a design project can begin, you have to remove the clutter from your home. Regardless of the tips you pick up from the data, they’ll do nothing to beautify a room unless the clutter is gone.

Cheap Design information that gives

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How To Incorporate Futons With High-End Interior Design

If you want to learn how to incorporate futons with high end design, there are many magazines and websites that offer ideas on high end decorating and interior design. The best way to decorate a room if you do not have a lot of decorating skill is to hire an interior decorator or imitate what you see in the photographs that look best to you. There are few hard right and wrong answers when it comes to decorating your own home. If it looks good to you, then that is what is important.

Futons used to be associated with low end furniture and low quality. However, futons have gained in popularity as well as style in recent years. There are now a number of high quality wood and metal frame futons and futon beds that make excellent design choices for a number of uses in the home. Futons work wonderfully in a den or informal seating arrangement around the home. Wood frames usually look better when grouped with high end furnishings, but some metal frames look best with contemporary or

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Tips to Follow When Hiring an Interior Designer for Your Home

Hiring an interior designer becomes necessary when the spaces start looking jaded and boring. You get an expert on board with the hope to manage the spaces, beautify the look and feel of rooms and elevate the aesthetic appeal of the interiors.

But yes, first you have to choose a right designer with domain knowledge and experience with different types of homes and architecture. Since you are going to invest money in enhancing the visual appeal of the interiors, you need to be sure about hiring right person for the job. That’s why; it makes sense to follow some steps and ensures a smooth hiring and less mistakes along the way.

Here are some tips to follow when you hire an interior designer –

Identify your style

First of all, you have to identify your style so that you know what is needed exactly. You got to be sure about the things you want to transform and changes you want in the interiors. Without knowing your personal styles and tastes

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Interior Designer Vs Interior Decorator – Do They Perform the Same Service?

Perhaps you don’t have the time or the flair for re-doing your living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or your business’s showroom and you’re ready to hire a creative professional. Do you look for an interior designer or an interior decorator? For that matter, do they both do the same thing and does it matter who you hire?

In the world of design and decorating, the services performed are not the same. While a decorator might have immense experience and expertise in selecting colors, furniture, accents and textures that bring out the true you, a designer can do the same thing. However, a designer often has creative talent for working with the architectural structures within a building or a living space that a decorator doesn’t.

If all you want to do is have a professional help you pick out a new color scheme for your fabrics and painted walls, then you’re probably better off calling in an interior decorator.

On the other hand, even

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