Quit Smoking – Failure Is Just Feedback

Most smokers who find their way to my hypnosis clinic and tried to quit before with various success.

Some have tried many times, some succeeded for a while and some not at all. In life we try to make many changes, some stick and some don’t, but it is what happens after the failed attempt that is important.

  1. You try to quit and fail so you decide that it’s too hard to quit and that you may never succeed.
  2. You quit for a while and then start again and you call yourself a loser or useless or decide you are a failure.

Both of these responses make it harder to try again, because you will carry the baggage of failure into your subsequent attempts.

Or you take a different view of the situation.

1.You try to quit and you don’t succeed. You decide you just haven’t quit yet, and you realise that many thousands of people quit every year and so will you.

2. You quit for a while and then star

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Can You Quit Smoking And Still Drink Coffee?

In spite of all the times you have heard that smoking is a nicotine habit, over the past 10 years and working to help thousands of people to quit smoking, I have found something quite different to be the truth.

The interesting thing is that when I question smokers, the vast majority of them quickly agree that it is something else.

Basically smoking is a series of associated habits, such as when driving or on the phone, when stressed, happy, relaxing etc.

But one association is a little more complex than the others. It is coffee.

Unlike the other triggers caffeine brings its own set of complexities to the party. We drink coffee to wake us up in the morning, to relax with friends at morning tea, and we like to finish of a meal with coffee and dessert.

In studies with bees it has been shown that the caffeine triggers the desire for food, and just a taste of caffeine makes then want to eat.

So how does this work with smoking? You are combing two

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Quit Smoking – 7,300 Metres Of Tobacco

The average smoker smokes 20 cigarettes a day for 20 years, which adds up to 7,300 metres or 7,908 yards of tobacco. This equates to approximately 1,460,000 draws of toxic smoke!

Holy cow, the human body must be amazing to survive even a fraction of this amount of smoke. What an amazing insult to human tissue.

Most smokers who blow just one lung full of smoke through a tissue are stunned as to how much staining is produced. So try to imagine 1,460,000 puffs. You would be looking at drums full of toxic sludge.

All of this sludge will have been through your lungs, your heart, your arteries and into every cell of your body.

Sounds bad, and unfortunately it might be, but if you quit smoking with advanced hypnosis you can start to reverse the damage.

It will take time but every day you don’t smoke you will repair some damage and bring you closer to better health.

Some parts of you will heal quickly and some will take longer, but one thing i

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Quitting Smoking – What Happens If You Don’t Quit?

Have you ever asked yourself, what happens to me if I don’t quit smoking?

Because smokers come in all shapes and sizes and emotional states and they vary in mental toughness, just like any other group.

Some people come into my hypnosis clinic all fired up and ready to quit, completely expecting to quit there and then, and most of the time they are right.

Some come in full of worry and doubt and are sceptical that anyone can help them, and sometimes they are also right.

An important question that few of these anxious people ask themselves is, what if I can’t quit? Then what happens?

So for a few moments, stop reading this article and ask yourself the same question. Think about the consequences of continuing to smoke. Think about the physical, emotional and financial cost to you and those who care about you.

I mean really go deep into these thoughts, don’t just dismiss them like you have done in the past. My thought to you is

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Can Smoking Lead to Thyroid Disease and Should I Quit Smoking Now

Do you want to know if there is a link between thyroid disease and smoking? Are you worried your thyroid issues could be a result of smoking and whether you should quit?

Well there are three initial questions we should address before we delve deeper in to the links between thyroid disease and smoking. You have to ask yourself:

· What is the connection between smoking and thyroid disease?

· Does smoking make my thyroid disease worse?

· Is it simply a coincidence that soon after quitting smoking I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism?

Now We Posed the Questions Let’s Answer Them Shall We?

There is a substance in tobacco smoke which affects the function of the thyroid. This component is cyanide (yes cyanide!) it is converted into thiocyanate in tobacco smoke. Thiocyanate acts as an anti-thyroid agent which stops iodine uptake in the body and the production of thyroid hormones.

There are other components of tobacco

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Don’t Try To Quit Smoking If You Haven’t Crossed The Threshold

In my early days in hypnosis I wanted to change the world and fix every smoker, but I realised that was impossible, and it took me a while to work out why.

Imagine a straight line and a quarter of the way in from each end there is another line which crosses the first.

The quarter at the right hand end represents crossing the threshold to total commitment to change.

The quarter at the left hand end represents crossing the threshold to total commitment to remaining the same, or keeping the habit.

The half in the middle is where most smokers live. You might want to keep smoking, but you know you should quit. You might talk about quitting and even make frequent attempts to do so, but you keep failing.

Perhaps others are pressuring you stop cigarettes, and you agree that they are right but you’re not quite ready.

Or you are sick of smoking but you still need to do it to relax or stop your boredom.

The problem with this middle ground

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How to Quit Smoking by Understanding the Hidden Reasons

Quitting smoking may be one of the hardest things you have ever done in your life, but its fruits begin to show even after the first 24 hours. You may begin to notice benefits such as, you breath easier, you cough lesser, feel more energetic, and an overall better feeling. It will get easier and better as you go further down the road, and eventually, you can be smoke-free.

It is particularly difficult to quit smoking because of nicotine, a drug you drag into your body by smoking. Nicotine being addictive in nature, it makes you it’s dependent. Nicotine has a pleasurable feeling, and that is what makes you crave more. It also hampers the proper functioning of your nervous system. As your nervous system adapts to the drug, you tend to smoke more, which in turn, raises the level of nicotine in your bloodstream. By this time you develop a liking of nicotine, which caused you to smoke more. When a certain nicotine level is achieved in your body, you have to keep smoking, eno

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Quit Smoking – What Are Young Smokers Thinking?

I’m not a mind reader so I am often curious about what people are thinking when they are smoking. I’m even more curious when I see young people with a cigarette.

I can understand someone in their fifties who grew up in an era when smoking was cool and freely advertised in all forms of media.

But when I see someone in their teens or twenties I am really curious. So I’m going to guess, some teenagers are sick of being told what to do by all kinds of authorities and smoking is one way to rebel or stand out in the crowd.

Maybe in limited circles it’s still a way to fit in with peers. Teenagers with their bullet proof mentality tend to think that smoking won’t affect them and that they will quit easily when they are ready. Ignoring all the health advice and experience of older smokers seems to be a part of the, don’t tell me what to mentality.

Some young women in their twenties still believe that smoking will keep them thin.

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Quit Smoking Cigarettes Online

Quitting smoking online may seem unusual, and it certainly challenges one of the sacred cows of hypnosis. But I’m sure as a smoker who wants to quit you couldn’t care less about hypnosis politics.

The only bottom line of interest is that it works. In the past few years since I started doing online hypnosis I have successfully helped many people from as far as Melbourne to Cardiff UK to Los Angeles.

If I only had a regular clinic space then I would never have had the chance to help these people and so many others.

So what are the pros and cons of quitting smoking online?

  1. You don’t need to travel, or park, or take public transport or take extra time off work for your appointment.
  2. You sit in the comfort of your home or office; you can even do it from your car!
  3. You do need a reasonable internet connection, a computer with a camera or a modern phone.
  4. Skype can drop out but I use zoom which offers a better

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Quit Smoking… How Long Can You Go Between Cigarettes?

I’m sure that any time you tried to quit smoking you quickly discovered just how long, you can go between cigarettes.

An interesting study involving Israeli flight attendants offered some curious insights.

Flight attendants were selected for two major routes. One from Tel Aviv to Europe, taking 3 hours and the other flying to New York a time of 11 hours.

I ask my clients to guess how long the various flight attendants could go before wanting a smoke. The answers are variable but usually focus on the short-term.

The study results tell a different, but consistent result.

Those on the 3-hour European flight on average started to want a cigarette 20 minutes before the flight landed.

Those on the 11-hour New York flight on average started to want a cigarette 20 minutes before the flight landed.

But how is this possible, I hear you thinking. The result showed that it wasn’t the length of time the attendants were without nicotine

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