Quitting Smoking, Your Belief Will Trap You Or Set You Free

Many smokers believe that either it will be very difficult to quit or even impossible for them. This belief can be a self-fulfilling trap unless you realise that there is a way to escape.

Henry Ford famously stated that “if you think you can or you think you can’t you are right” So we can translate that as if you think you can quit or you think you can’t you are right.

This may sound too easy, but truly changing your mind and thinking can be tricky. Bruce Lipton Ph.D describes a human as a big petri dish and the medium that feeds us is our blood. He goes on to say that what defines the blood is our thoughts.

Our thoughts create a chemical response and we release hormones which match our thoughts. If we are in a state of fear and worry then we make more stress hormones. This makes us feel worse and makes us feel defeated, sometimes even before we start.

A belief that quitting is difficult will create stress hormones, you will feel w

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Quit Smoking – Herbs That Can Help During and After Quitting

Smoking causes many health problems for the smoker. One of the major problems is the build up of toxic material in the body and in particular in the lungs. This toxic material is an irritant that causes inflammation and the breakdown of lung tissue. Stopping smoking is the only treatment, but herbs are able to assist the body to remove toxic material. Herbs are also able to provide relief from the tension and stress that is often experienced during the quit smoking process.

The following herbs provide a range of benefits that can be useful when you quit smoking. They can assist in:

  • lung cleansing thus helping you to breathe more easily.
  • liver and kidney cleansing so that the toxins built up in the body because of your smoking can be removed.
  • enabling you to stay calm and relaxed — so that you can take control of your life.
  • improving the health of your cardiovascular system with will help with healing.

Herbs that can

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Quit Smoking – How To Reduce The Anxiety Of Quitting Cigarettes

Quitting Smoking can be an anxious time for many people and there are a few reasons which can make it harder.

  • The fear of the unknown. If you have smoked for a long time then you may be anxious about how you will manage your stress or boredom or drinking sessions without a cigarette. This anxiety is because you are looking at the future without cigarettes from a smokers perspective. A non-smoker never has such concerns.
  • You may be anxious about nicotine withdrawals. Just think about all the times you already go without cigarettes, such as overnight, or at work or on flights or around family, you know which apply to you, and realise that you can manage just fine already.

University studies show that nicotine replacement doesn’t work outside of control groups, and the reason is that smoking is mostly a series of deeply embedded habits and not some serious brain affected drug condition. After all have yo

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Quit Smoking – What Is Your Smoking Conflict?

Most mornings I walk down by the river in my city. There are lots of people walking running and cycling. One man stands out, he is about 50 and is wears the full cycling outfit. Like a lot of riders his age his tight outfit struggles to contain his girth.

But the thing that stands out the most is that he stops at the same water fountain for a drink and then lights up a cigarette.

He draws long and hard as if to replenish some depleted nutrient which has been exhausted by his cycling.

I often wonder what he is thinking, he appears to enjoy the smoke and yet he makes the effort to cycle most mornings. This creates an internal conflict which means a lot of stress, from mixed messages.

This conflict is very common for many smokers, though usually not as public and obvious. Many smokers struggle with this separation of parts which is pulling them apart mentally.

I feel like speaking to this man but it is none of my business. Sure I help people to quick

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Quit Smoking – Stop Addiction – Free Report On How To Stop Smoking And Drug Abuse Relief – Naturally

For smoking and drug addictions:

Physical dependence on drugs is normally only 20% of your problem – the other 80% is psychologically of nature and you need to commit yourself to be successful in your effort.

For eating addictions:

The addiction to eat has similarities to that of drug addictions. You cannot pass a certain type of food without taking a bite! That eating make you feel good and that is why you keep on nibbling.

For stress relief:

Stress is a big problem for a large percentage of the globe’s population. Many of us are using chemicals to cope with stress.

To quit smoking, drug abuse or any addiction is the best thing you can do to improve your health and lifestyle with immediate benefits


Those who are ready to quit:

•Committed to stop smoking or drug abuse.

•Does not enjoy smoking/drugs a

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Quit Smoking – The Domino Effect

I’m sure we have all seen the amazing domino set ups. Thousands of dominos falling one at a time to create an amazing pattern.

There are some important differences between dominoes and the domino effect from smoking.

  1. Domino displays are well thought out and with predictable outcomes. Smoking cigarettes is rarely thought out at all and the outcomes are highly unpredictable, not as to whether you will suffer, but how you will suffer, and for how long.
  2. Domino displays are fun and entertaining and harmless, inhaling toxic smoke may appear to be a kind of enjoyment but is anything but harmless.

In every smoker there is a domino effect, and there are many possible effects depending on genetics, epi-genetics (the effects of lifestyle on your genes), existing health status and the type of tobacco smoked and the number of cigarettes smoked.

The moist obvious pathway is within the lungs themselves. Lungs are very complex and nothing li

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Quitting Smoking – Win The Good Fight

When it comes to my quit smoking clients I ask them to fight for their health and to become true warriors of change.

The reason for this is simple. If you try a passive process and expect some outside force to fix your smoking habit then you have a poor chance of success. This includes patches, gums, pharmaceutical drugs and even hypnosis where you expect the therapist to fix you.

To decide to quit smoking in a passive way is harder work than not quitting at all; at least you won’t experience any disappointment.

Your subconscious mind has some very specific connections to your smoking habit, if you are passive then there will be no message to your subconscious that you are serious or that this is an important issue, and your decision to quit will literally be filed in the bin.

I’m sure you know that any change in life that is worthwhile or important is worth fighting for. Fortunately in this day and age it rarely involves you having to physica

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Quit Smoking – I’m Not a Non Smoker Yet

But I’m not a non smoker yet was the response I received from a client hen I gave her some instructions prior to her hypnosis session.

The instruction was simple, it was for her to think of herself as a non smoker. Of course she was still smoking so this may sound ridiculous but there was a point to this.

She had made her appointment to quit smoking with hypnosis, she needed to quit and she knew it was time to take action but, a part of her still wanted to smoke, she even liked it.

At this point she was a person who had set a date to quit but she still saw herself as a smoker, that was her identity and it had been her identity for over thirty years.

We all have multiple identities, such as wife, husband, father, daughter, carpenter, nurse, lawyer, football player etc.

Some of our identities are useful and fun, but some aren’t. Smoker, drinker, angry, workaholic etc.

When you want to make an important change in your life, a great

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Quit Smoking Through Auricular Acupuncture


With the known affects that smoking has, not only on the human body but the world around it, many individuals that are addicted to nicotine still find it incredibly hard to quit. Many patients will have already been through numerous amounts of patches, gum, and counselling in order to quit, with no avail.

This article will explore a clinically effective method in the assistance of nicotine addiction withdrawal. This method, stemming from thousands of years of Chinese Acupuncture, and half a century of European medical research, innovation and practice is known as Auricular Acupuncture, and just may be the answer that smokers are looking for.

What is it?

Auriculomedicine (Also known as ear acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, auricular therapy etc) is a method that originally spawned from Lyon, France. It is a therapy that utilises fundamental modern medical science (primarily based on neurophysiology / neurology) and concepts of traditional ac

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Stop Smoking Unconsciously

There are those who smoke and are happy. Hey, we all have our vices. Then there are people who don’t want to smoke but can’t manage to quit. They walk around with bad odours, empty wallets, crippled lungs and an aura of failure.

All of which is unnecessary.

If you smoke and want to quit, you’ve probably tried patches or gum. Or maybe you kept it simple and quit cold turkey. Both strategies have similar succeed rates, which is a polite way of saying they don’t work. Nicotine supplements assume the problem is chemical. It’s not.

As for relying on willpower…

Well, what makes quitting cold turkey so hard? If you don’t want to smoke, then stop. If you have cravings, ignore them. It’s not this easy – otherwise you would have quit years ago. But why isn’t it this easy?

What makes it so hard to stop doing something?

Smoking is an unconscious problem. This is why hypnosis will help you to st

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