Supporting Penis Health: A Men’s Underwear Guide

In clever surveys buried in women’s magazines, girls are prompted to ask their male counterparts if they wear boxers or briefs. It’s posed as an either/or question, and while that might make for a tantalizing survey, the truth is that most men have many different styles of underwear, including boxers, briefs, boxer briefs and jock straps. Choosing the right kind of underwear for the right occasion could help men to avoid some common penis health problems.

Dressing for Parenthood

Studies suggest that men who are hoping to conceive a child in the near future should wear boxer shorts most, if not all, of the time. Standard briefs or boxer briefs can cause the testicles to heat up, lowering sperm motility. Form-fitting underwear can also keep the penis from moving freely, and this could hinder erection strength. Boxers come in a variety of colorful patterns, and the silky texture of some boxers could provide some men with an added thrill throu

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Kidney Disease Can Cause an Itchy Penis

Kidney disease is a serious issue with many potential consequences. It is not typically considered in the context of penis health issues, but in fact kidney D(disease) can in many instances impact penis health. For example, any men with kidney disease may also find that it can dampen their sex drive and/or cause or contribute to erectile dysfunction. In comparison, the fact that kidney disease can be responsible for an itchy penis may seem of lesser consequence – but an itchy penis can be an annoyance, indeed.

More about kidney D(disease)

The NIDDK (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney D) estimates that more than 30 million American adults have chronic kidney D (although not all have been diagnosed with it yet). Normally, healthy working kidneys take the blood in the body and filter out wastes and excess fluid, which they then send out of the body as urine. But when a person has kidney D, the k

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Here Are 5 Things to Watch Out for When It Comes to Uncircumcised Penis Health

More men have foreskin than do not. However, how many men are really aware of all the issues they should be on the lookout for to keep their favorite appendage safe and secure? For men with uncircumcised dicks, the foreskin can cause a lot of problems if not cared for properly. With that in mind, here are 5 things to watch out for to keep your penis healthy as well as 8 uncircumcised penis health hacks to keep Mr. Willy healthy and happy for decades to come.

Be on the Lookout for: Injuries

Foreskin just sorta “hangs out,” right? Well, it can famously hang precariously close to a zipper and get caught. This is a major injury for guys with uncircumcised penises.

What to do: See a doctor.

What to expect: Expect an exam, questions, and the recommendation to use over-the counter (OTC) pain relievers for discomfort. In more extreme cases, the doctor may provide prescription meds or a local anestheti

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Experiencing Painful Urination? Here Are 5 Potential Causes & How to Fix Them

It may feel like a dragon in your drawers; it’s painful urination. Fancy name dysuria, painful urination can be the result of many things from everyday allergies to more serious issues that necessitate a trip to the ER. If you’re feeling a little fiery down low when you go, you definitely want to keep reading to see what’s causing it, how to fix it, and then how to prevent it in the future.

Painful Urination Trigger #1: Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions are responsible for a lot of issues men face, and this is no different. When some foreign agent comes into contact with the genital region – laundry detergent, soap, or even a partner’s body lotion – and your body doesn’t like it, it can result in an allergic reaction. This could cause a man to experience a fiery, unpleasant urinary experience. Medication can also cause an allergic reaction.

Fix-It: Wash the offending area well with water and air dry.

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How to Boost the Sperm Count?

The presence of couples unable to conceive is a problem that has grown in the last few decades. Earlier, this issue was barely there and has emerged on the surface some years ago. About 15 percent of couples experience the problem in conceiving every year and that’s not it! The census is constantly growing.

Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive even after indulging in sexual activities without taking any precautions. It was made sure in a popular study done by experts that on an average, about 38 percent of times men are responsible for the problem, about 52 percent of times women are responsible and in the rest of the cases, both the sexes are guilty.

However, technology has overpowered even the biggest of problems and now it is possible for every couple to be blessed with their children. This article talks about the various solutions or ways with which men can rule out the problem and be capable of conceiving.

1. Avoid tight men’s

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Penis Health and Nudism – Benefits Vs. Risks

Letting it all hang out takes on a literal meaning when a man is into nudism. Although exact figures are hard to come by – the American Association for Nude Recreation includes about 213,000 – it seems that interest in nudism is growing. And there are many men who claim that there are penis health benefits to a clothing-free lifestyle. For those interested in how nudism might improve penis health, the following information should be helpful.

Not so healthy

First, however, it’s important to acknowledge some penis health detriments that can occur if a man indulges in nudism activities. Probably the one that most often springs to mind is getting a sunburned penis. And that’s a very real possibility. Because the penis is usually kept hidden away, it gets very little sunlight, making penis skin much more sensitive to sunlight, especially when it is first exposed to the open air. Men need to make sure that they don’t let the pen

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Psoriasis and Penis Care: What Men Must Know

Having an itchy penis can be quite annoying. Having eczema, a condition that keeps the skin very dry, can be even worse. But having psoriasis can be even worse than that. Psoriasis affects every person differently, and for some it appears in patches on the arms or legs. But for some very unlucky men, it can appear in patches on the penis and surrounding area. In addition to the treatments or medications prescribed by a doctor, good penis care can help alleviate the itching that is associated with even the mildest cases of psoriasis.

Understanding Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common skin disorder that affects millions of people. Psoriasis seems to be associated with an immune system problem, but doctors don’t know for sure. What they do know for sure is what the symptoms look like: the skin cells overproduce themselves, which means they create a buildup on the skin. It can look like thick scales, or red patches that itch all the time.


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Penis Odor: Improvements to Penis Care That Could Help

Penis odor is something that worries all men, as all men eventually have to deal with it. At some point, every man has caught a whiff of himself “down there” and had a moment of pause to consider where that unpleasant odor might have come from! The good news is that for men who suffer from sudden penis odor, a change to better penis care can eliminate the problem.

Good Penis Care to Fight Penis Odor

When a man has that awful scent wafting up from his trousers, he can always turn to better penis care to help him alleviate the issue. Here are some ways he can step up his penis care regimen and help ensure that he’s not dealing with penis odor on a daily basis.

1) Regular washing. Every man knows the importance of regularly washing the penis and surrounding area. But for some men, a daily wash might not be enough. Depending on body chemistry, a man might need to wash twice a day to keep odor problems to a minimum.

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Top 5 Non-STI Causes of Painful Urination in Men, and How to Fix Them

Men like to pee. Sometimes there is something so satisfying about a prolonged, robust urination for all to hear. However, it becomes a lot less satisfying and, instead, scary, when a man experiences pain during urination. Having a fire-breathing penis is not the fun, comic-worthy asset it might appear to be. A burning pee is quite uncomfortable and can sometimes be a cause for concern. It’s not always caused by a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Let’s talk about some non-STI causes of painful urination in men and how to make it all better.

PUC (Painful Urination Cause) #1: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

No, they aren’t just for the ladies! If you have a urinary tract, it can get infected. In fact, UTIs are the most common cause of painful urination in men. UTIs happen when bacteria get caught up anywhere in the urinary tract. Other symptoms of a UTI include cloudy or blood-tinged urine, fever, and inexplicable pain in the back and

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Watery Semen Could Indicate a Penis Health Issue

So often when a man is discussing penis health matters, he is focusing on the organ itself. What can be done about the odor? Should it have a curve like that? Is that rash anything to worry about? But penis health also extends to matters beyond the organ itself, so that (for example) an infection in the kidneys would be part of penis health. By the same token, matters that relate to semen are definitely penis health issues. And one question that often arises is why a man’s semen may be somewhat watery.

About semen

All guys know that semen is the milky liquid that erupts from the penis when it has been sufficiently stimulated. But frequently guys know little more than that. For example, men often use the words semen and sperm interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Sperm are the male reproductive cells that fertilize a woman’s eggs. Sperm are a part of a man’s semen, but semen also includes a mixture of fluids and other ingre

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