Gemstone Therapy Today

For ages, gemstones have been used medicinally. Jade was thought to protect the kidneys, liver, spleen, and heart; beryl to cure eye injuries, and carnelian to purify the blood and relieve menstrual cramps. Yet the properties assigned to gems in the past tended to be general and ambiguous. No more. Today, gemstone therapy has evolved into an art and science, and a sophisticated energy medicine modality.

Gemstone therapy is based on gemstones in spherical form. The primary advantage of spheres over crystals is a sphere’s ability to radiate its energies in all directions. The body’s energy field is able to moderate how much of this energy it wants and can direct the energy where needed. This is impossible with a crystal, which points its energies in only one direction. Furthermore, when a sphere is cut from a crystal, it captures the finest essence of that crystal, leaving the dross behind.

Gemstone therapy began in 1987 when Isabelle Morton researched the mi

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How to Get Centered

Sometimes in life, we get completely scattered. Our thoughts, emotions and even what we are doing to begin move all over the place with no rhyme or reason. Sometimes, this creates an unsettled feeling within and an inability to focus on getting things done that we set out to do. It’s during times like these that we need to get ourselves back to neutral and get centered.

Centering yourself is nothing more than bringing all of your energies back to you within your entire being, connecting yourself once again to your energy. Think about the first thing one might do before a big presentation or interview. Taking a deep breath in, is sometimes what we do to prepare ourselves for something big that’s about to happen. This is a person’s innate ability to know exactly what they need to bring balance and centered within. The breath is what helps to bring all of your energy back within so that you can be in balance within and focus on whatever it is that needs your at

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Energy Healing Cons and Pros

Life force, energy healing, laying of the hands, or electro-chemical energy healing, whatever you may want to call it… human energy healing has been attracting a lot of attention over the past years. Some of this is due to the ever growing promotions of pharmaceutical drug commercials filling the airways on television. You can hardly watch any television program without seeing at least one or two drug commercials during the break.

To add to this wake up call, and how many have awaken from their normal daily sleepwaking routine to notice more frequent visits to the doctor, more screenings and test, more drugs, more this, and more that. I had seen this same change when I had a pet dog. One day I brought my pet into see the veterinarian they started to suggest all sorts of blood screening test, similar to the same testing they do for humans. I refused to give my pet drugs like most people simply do with little or no thought to the drugs side effects, which are the same as

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The Path to Crystal Clear Health

Alternative medicine has provided the world with a vast ocean of methods to heal people. Many of these methods involve using nature’s own raw resources in specific techniques to unleash a lot of healing powers. One such method is crystal healing.

As evident from the term itself, crystal healing involves using crystals to ease different predicaments in the body. As crystal healing is a holistic technique, it believes in the balance of physical and mental energies for overall Well-being.

Crystal healing is an ancient method that has featured in a variety of cultures- Indian, Chinese and European healers in the past have all regarded Quartz as a significant rock, that holds many mystical properties. In order to understand crystal healing in its true depth, one must first understand the concept of Chakra.

The Seven Chakra systems

Most schools of thought consider the following areas of the body as chakra points: the crown/tip of the sku

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Why You Need Reiki in Your Life

You are already using Reiki!

You probably do not realize it but you have been practicing a form of Reiki therapy all your life. When you are hurting, what do you do? You reach out and take hold of the part of you that hurts. This is Reiki… seeking relief from pain by channeling energy to the area that hurts. As a child, when you hurt, yourself, your mother would touch the hurtful area and perhaps kiss it better, right? This is Reiki healing in its purest form… love and healing. What could be better than that to make a person feel better?

Imagine if you could take that same healing energy and apply it to everything in your life. Well, my friend, you can! Reiki is all about using the energy that surrounds us all to help us heal our aches, pains, diseases, physical, emotional and mental illnesses and conditions.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effect

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Can I Use This Stone for Healing? 7 Criteria for Therapeutic Gemstones

When deciding if a crystal can be used for energy healing, 7 criteria must be considered. These are: type, shape, color, clarity, size, authenticity, and brightness.


First let’s talk about type. Not all herbs are medicinal, and not all fruit is edible. Likewise, not all stones have uplifting properties. New therapeutic mineral species can be hard to verify. Just because a gemstone is beautiful, doesn’t necessarily mean it has significant and identifiable healing benefits. If you’re not sure of a certain gem, find out what the experts are saying about it. More importantly, look within to discover your own true affinity, and then, if you have a sample, use a self-testing method to find out if your body’s energy is compatible with the stone.


Shape is an extremely important therapeutic parameter. In gemstone therapy, we prefer spheres or rondels, cut from the purest portion of the original c

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Healing Hands – Learn the Difference Between Pranic Healing and Reiki Healing

The ancient art of Healing Hands or the laying of hands on a person for healing has become very popular but many people are unsure of the difference between the two modalities of Reiki and Pranic Healing. Both systems use Life Force Energy to bring forth a healing for the recipient or patient.

Reiki was rediscovered by Mikado Usui in the 1800 and has been widely practiced all over the world, and is even today extremely popular and highly respected forms of healing hands therapy available.

The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words. The first one is Rei which means life force energy or spirit, and Ki meaning energy. The two combined translate as Life Force Energy which is the basis for natural healing.

Pranic Healing was founded by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui and is a system of energy medicine using healing hands, which uses prana to increase the energetic body or the Aura, And in turn increasing the vital energy of the physical body. Prana is a Sanskrit word m

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Balance Chakras for Healing With Powerful Example of Meditation Chakra Stones and More Tools

Balance one or all your chakras and see exactly what a distinction it can make to your health and success.

Some Background initially and Understanding Chakra Meditation

It is commonly comprehended how meditation can enhance your general health and wellness, plus make your mind more serene. You can minimize tension and get a higher sense of satisfaction through proficient meditation.

Meditation provided for brief durations a few times a day has actually been revealed to alter the brain and make it much easier to carry out complex jobs. It is likewise utilized as a way of going beyond common idea and presence in an effort to accomplish knowledge, an increased frame of mind.

Practicing meditation by duplicating the mantra for each chakra, either by itself or in a series, can move your chakra energy.

7 Chakras Energy Centers Explained

The chakras are energy centers connected with a particular location of

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Distant Healing – How Does It Work?

Being a distant energy healing provider, I am generally confronted by questions like – “How is it possible?” “How does it work?” or “Does it work at all?” The article aims at providing tools to answer these questions.

By knowing the principles behind Distant Energy Healing, one is better equipped to find answers to the common questions that pop up in to the minds.

The principles are provided by Master Choa Kok Sui in one or more of his books.

The Basic Principle

It is very commonly known these days that energy of one person affects the energy of the person near by. People with excess energy tend to make those around them “happier”. Therefore, it is possible to project energy from one person to another.


The energy cannot be absorbed if the receiver does not want to, which means, he/she is not receptive. This could be the case when he or she doe

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An Appreciation of John Davidson – Healing With Subtle Energy

In the late 80′ early in my search to find health care without the modern M.D. and their synthetic chemical society I became immersed in the science of the mystical as a part of my search to find health along with a deeper meaning of life. I was impressed by author John Davidson’s book Subtle Energy (1987) His work surveys the healing qualities of subtle level healing tools involved in both Eastern and Western medicine: His research takes us to areas well documented but used little except by natural healers as:

o Mysticism

o The Elements

o Chakras

o Healing Polarities

o Harmony

o Pulsors

o Crystals

o Magnetic Therapy

o Electromagnetic Pollution

o Bioelectricity

o Subtle Energy Interface

o Feng Shui

o Paramids

o Shape

o Color

Davisdson tells these various subtle energies play a part in the nat

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